Family Road Trip Destinations: 3 Hours from Indy

It’s time to break out the map and pick a spot and we have a whole bunch of destinations to point your car towards. These trips are about three hours from the Indianapolis area. Be sure to check back because we have a whole series of road trips for your family and these are just 7 ideas! Thanks to our friends at the Mosquito Authority for sponsoring this series. Make sure your family is protected from backyard nuisances like mosquitos and ticks so that when you aren’t on the road, you can enjoy playing outside at home!

Indiana Dunes

About 2 hours & 45 minutes from Indy
If you’re looking for beaches and trains, the Indiana Dunes are your closest and best bet. A one to two night stay is a must in my opinion. Once you find one thing to do, you’ll uncover 10 more and then like our family, you’ll come back almost every year! The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is one of the National Parks in Indiana. Families who love adventure and entertainment will love their stay on the south shore of Lake Michigan. Wether you like camping, staying in a hotel or checking out a bed and breakfast, you’ll have fun in the region. Check out our weekend itinerary, including where to eat, stay and play at the Indiana Dunes.

French Lick, Indiana with Kids

About 2 hours & 15 minutes from Indy

The gorgeous resorts and restaurants are a dream come true for the family who loves history and a little bit of luxury. The outdoor adventures are a dream come true for an active, fun-loving family. Stay for a few nights to try to pack in as much fun as you can. And then come back again next year to do even more! A hot spot in the winter months for skiing, holiday fun and indoor attractions and an even hotter spot in summer for outdoor fun, water adventures and more! During winter time, families from all over flock to ride the world famous Polar Express Train Ride. During the fair weather months, visit to see animals, bathe elephants, go off roading or relax at the resort.

Columbus, Ohio

About 3 hours from Indy

Museums (including COSI, the Center of Science and Industry, an amazing space for families), restaurants, a botanical garden and fantastic children’s programs around every corner. This is all a part of the fantastic package that makes Columbus, Ohio a wonderful place to play for the weekend!

Dublin, Ohio

About 3 hours from Indy

With easy access to all of the attractions in Columbus, Dublin, Ohio is a great place to stay during your visit. Small town charm and Irish heritage create a special visit. Children will love the fairy trail (free to participate), special activities and offerings at local small businesses and all of the sweet and treat places to try.

Evansville, Indiana

About 3 hours from Indy

Fun parks, indoor amusement centers and popular children’s museum are must visits when in Evansville. Evansville is a must-visit for our family every year or so, the children’s museum is perfect for the preschool crowd and younger elementary — they’ll love the hands-on spaces everywhere.

Chicago, Illinois

About 3 hours from Indy

We’ve spent a few weekends in Chi-town with and without our children and we’ve never run out of fun! Museums for days, Navy Pier, the American Girl Store and pretty much eleventy-billion other family friendly attractions make this one of the top destinations for Indy area families. We’ll share more after our big trip!

Santa Claus, Indiana

About 3 hours from Indy

It was difficult not to just call this destination “Holiday World” because everyone knows that’s why you head to Santa Claus, Indiana. However, there’s a lot of history and other beauty found in Santa Claus. Celebrations and festivals, shopping and a rich Lincoln history should be on your list when you visit. Visit Santa Claus, Indiana in the summer for a fun vacation or visit Santa Claus, Indiana during the holidays for a memorable Christmas celebration.

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