Free Admission to Indiana State Parks with Library Check Out Program


The Indiana State Parks is celebrating its Centennial anniversary in 2016!  One of the fabulous ways that Indiana State Parks is recognizing this great milestone is through the State Park Centennial Annual Pass Library Check-out Program, which is a partnership between Indiana State Parks and the Indiana State Library to encourage people to visit libraries and parks.  

At libraries across Indiana, 240 state park passes have been placed in circulation for check-out.  Check-out duration for the passes may vary by location, so be sure to visit your local public library for more details.  Passes will be available for check-out from January 1, 2016 through Dec. 31, 2016.  The passes will provide access to Indiana’s 32 state parks and also to Indiana’s state forest recreation areas where entrance fees are charged.

The Indiana State Parks system was a gift to Indiana residents in 1916 in honor of the state’s centennial. Learn more about activities and events that are part of the State Parks Centennial Celebration at  

Indy With Kids features a monthly top ten list of our favorite activities to explore at various Indiana State Parks.  Please visit our website and Facebook page for up to date information on these monthly State Park activities and other family fun throughout Indiana.  When visiting our State Parks throughout 2016 and other family fun areas throughout Indiana, please be sure to share your family’s moments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #PLAYindy.  


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