Fridge Organization Ideas | How to Organize Your Refrigerator on a Budget

I love organization. Don’t let my love for all things organizing fool you in to thinking that I’m super organized, or even a little organized. I’m not. However, ever since having four young children join our family, I’ve tried to be super organized when it comes to food and dishes. We have a school lunch cabinet with dry food items for them to pack in their lunches, we have an upstairs pantry that houses all of the basics except for canned foods and we have a food storage pantry that has all of our canned foods and emergency food stash.

Organized Refrigerator

I love the look of little bins in my fridge, I love all of the fruits and veggies to be washed and cut and ready to grab for cooking or snacking. I like everything to fit and I like to see everything. For the longest time, I used the clear plastic shoebox bins in the fridge to contain bottles and jars and snack baggies of veggies. Then I started watching The Home Edit and like many others, found myself looking at the acrylic boxes on The Container Store website. Fortunately for my wallet, the fridge bins at the Container Store were on backorder, so I started looking around.

Dollar Tree Refrigerator Bins

I’ve always heard that the Dollar Tree has awesome acrylic boxes to organize your makeup, or your drawers, but I’ve never found them. I’ve even seen them advertise the fridge organizing containers, but none of the Dollar Tree stores near me carry them. However, I did find some adorable berry containers in the storage container section of my local Dollar Tree. They’re 3 pieces and remind me of the old school green plastic strawberry baskets. The best part? They’re dishwasher safe.

Amazon Fridge Storage

I took my search to Amazon and I ordered three different sets. I’ve tried each set out and there are two that I recommend.

The iPEGTOP Fridge Produce Containers are a hit with me because they have the vented lids to help control the airflow and humidity within the container and because this set comes with two different sizes. The smaller size is perfect for carrots and berries and sliced peppers and cucumbers. The larger, longer container is great for lettuce and asparagus and larger qualities of produce. I wanted lids for my containers and each of these comes with a lid and a drainage board so your fruits and veggies are not sitting in water after being rinsed. The bins are made from 100% food grade PET material and are BPA Free. If you’re looking for a stackable option, these are great. One downside with all acrylic fridge bins is that they are not dishwashers safe. You’ll need to hand wash the bins. Purchase price: $29.99
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MineSign Refrigerator Organizer Keeper with Lids were also a favorite for many of the same reasons as the iPEGTOP: they have a drain tray, dividers to separate items and they’re stackable. The MineSign containers have two features not offered in my other choice. They have an actual drain with a plug in the bottom so you can wash your veggies in the container and the water will drain out. I thought this was going to make them the #1 choice, but after using these for nearly 3 months, I haven’t used this feature more than once. I do like the lids on this set better. Like the others, it’s not meant to be airtight, however, it does clasp down unlike the other choice that just rests on the container. Purchase price: $32.99
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My friends all swear by Snapware for everything: leftovers, produce and dry storage. I do like using Snapware, it just wasn’t the look I was going for.
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Food Prep Storage

I’m working really hard on getting our meals prepared ahead of time for a new fitness and nutrition program that we joined. Prior to that, I packed fun lunches for my kids or made up to-go dinners for swim lessons nights. Almost three years ago, I purchased two sets of food storage containers for the first time and they remain my favorite to this day.

SimpleHouseware Reusable 3-Compartment Meal Prep Container Boxes are perfect for my kids or for smaller meals. Among other things, the larger compartment fits a sandwich perfectly! Safe for the microwave and dishwasher.
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The Enther Meal Prep Containers are what we’re using right now for my husband and my meals. They’re microwaveable and dishwashers safe. The portion dividers are fantastic for adult sized portions.
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Anchor Hocking Round Food Storage Containers with Plastic Lids are the best when it comes to storing food. After cooking our meat ahead, I put it in these containers to portion out later. They’ve an excellent size for stacking and going vertical with storage in our refrigerator. They’re dishwasher, microwave AND freezer safe and in some cases can even go in the oven!
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I’ll share more ideas soon!

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