There are many frisbee/disc golf courses in the Indianpolis Area & they're free!

Frisbee Golf How To and Courses in Indianapolis

It’s summer time and one of my most favorite outdoor activities besides camping is Disc Golf, also called Frisbee Golf. Since I am too old to go to the park and play on the playground this is the perfect activity for adults but also great if you have kids. When you think golf you think clubs and balls but in this game all you need is a disc or a Frisbee. The difference between a disc and regular Frisbee is that a disc is thinner, usually smaller, and more solid where a Frisbee is usually bigger and more flimsy. You can buy disc’s at any sporting goods store but the place I recommend if you are a new player is Play it Again Sports because they have used disc’s and beginner packages, and the costs range anywhere from $4 to $20.

There are several courses around the city for you to play at and they are set up just like a golf course, the biggest difference is that instead of a hole for a ball there is a basket that you throw the disc to. You’ll begin by standing on a concrete platform and throwing your disc towards the basket target until you get your disc in the basket. Each target basket has a par number as a goal to hit. Each throw is like a stroke in golf. If you throw 10 times on a on a par 3 hole, you have gone 7 over par for that hole. There may be different platforms for throwing from for levels of difficulty. If there are not scorecards available, just play as if each hole is 4 par or maybe even 5 or 6 depending on the ability level of your family.

What makes disc golf a great family activity is that you don’t have to have much skill to play this game, there aren’t a lot of rules to remember, you can play for as little or as long as you want and it gets you out in the park and walking around where you can take your time playing and enjoying each other and the nature around you.

The following parks have disc golf courses:

Avon Town Hall Park – 6570 E. US Hwy 36, Avon
Boondocks Farms – Private Course ( $5 for 18 holes – 8001 South Grant City Road, Knightstown
Brookside Park Disc Golf Course – 3500 Brookside Parkway South Drive, Indianapolis
Dillon Park – Off 146th & Cherry Tree Lane-or- 146th & Hazel Dell behind Kroger, Noblesville
Freedom Park – West of the intersection of Averitt and Stop 18 roads, Greenwood
Hummel Park – 1500 S. Center St., Plainfield
Morse Beach Park Disc Golf Course
Northwestway Park Disc Golf Course
Pinehurts Disc Golf Course – Private Course
Sahm Park Disc Golf Course
Washington Park Disc Golf Course

Cover photo by Todd Hiestand, used under a Creative Commons License

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