Most of these inexpensive, homemade gifts are simple enough that I could do them which means that the average 5 year old could probably do them.

Homemade Christmas: Teacher Gifts – Beyond the Gift Card

A few years ago things were pretty bad financially for everyone in our family. We had family members out of work, family members who were too sick to work, family members who had heaps of medical bills and so on. My mother in law suggested a homemade Christmas that year. Anytime the words “home made” or “crafts” or “glue gun” are used in a sentence I get the hives. The skin on my chest turns red and burns all the way up my throat to my face. I get ichy and I pretty much just freak out. Welcome to 2011, the THIRD year we will have a homemade Christmas.

With my lack of any sort of skill when it comes to that sort of stuff (I don’t sew, knit, cross-whatever or scrapbook), I have to get a bit more clever and creative than your normal skilled homemaker type person (ahem, my mother in law and sister in law). Here are some ideas I came across in my searches for the perfect gift. While these would be nice for a lot of different people in your life, I’ve selected them specifically for you to make for the teachers in your children’s life. Most are simple enough that I could do them which means that the average 5 year old could probably do them.


$ – Less than $10
$$ – Less than $15
$$$ – Less than $20
$$$$ – $20 or more

Marble Magnets – ($) I think these would be perfect! I would use them at home or at school if I was a teacher! Your child can select the pictures to use in order to personalize the magnets and depending on your child’s abilities, they could probably do most of this project themselves!

Colored Pencil Flower Vase – ($) What a beautiful display that can be used year round. I think this vase would really brighten up a teacher’s desk and mood on a cold, rainy or snowy day!

Magnetic Letter Vase – ($) Can you tell I miss spring time and flowers and color? Here is an even simpler vase with very little work! I think these ones are PERFECT for Lulu’s (pre)preschool teachers!

Crayon Door Wreath – ($$) I love crayon crafts! Again, the beautiful colors just brighten up anything. This is the perfect Christmas OR year round wreath for anyone who works with kids. I might even want one on our door at home because we HAVE kids!

Snowman Hand Sanitizer – ($) What a super cute and easy and clever gift! Your child could totally help with this!

Mint Assortment – ($) This is an easy gift to put together. All it really takes is a quick trip to the store and this website provides the wording for a cute card.

“Whisk You a Merry Christmas” – ($) Fill a whisk with Hershey’s Kisses and wrap in plastic and tie with a bow and note card. This website has photos with a few ideas but this was my favorite.

Starbucks Gift Box – ($$$) A clever woman put together a box with some great Starbucks trinkets INCLUDING a gift card. This is one of the most creative gift card giving boxes I’ve ever seen! Starbucks could sell them and make a killing OR you could make one with your child and save some money.

Paint a Clay Pot – ($) There are special instructions for painting a flower pot so that it will stay painted after the first rain or first time a plant is watered. You COULD go to one of the paint your own pottery places or save some money (to put towards a plant for the pot) by following these instructions. PLUS, if you go somewhere, you have to wait days or more to get your item back from being “fired” and I don’t know about you but I decide somewhat last minute that we need to make teacher gifts.

2 Liter Bottle of Stuff – ($) This is one of my favorite gifts! I’ve seen it stuffed with accessories (scarfs, jewelry, mittens, hats), Clothing (aprons, t-shirts, swim trunks), candy, food items, candles and my favorite, CASH!

Candle with Monogram – ($) Buy a small jar candle and decorate! Make a simple monogram with cardstock and a die cutting machine or just use STICKERS!

Thanks to my friends over at ChambanaMoms for inspiring this post! All photos are credited to the sites associated with the gift. None of these photos are mine.

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