Indianapolis Public Library’s Call-a-Story

Call a Story - LibraryThe first thing my oldest son runs to when he enters the College Branch Library, bypassing the giant fish tank, computer games, and other toys, is the phone on the wall. He grabs the phone, plops down in the chair, and listens to whatever story that is being read. During our visit he’ll often return to the phone and listen again. Luckily the library isn’t the only place that he can have this experience, as the same stories can be heard from home, or in the car, with the Indianapolis Public Library’s “Call-a-Story”.

Each month the Call-a-Story theme changes, offering children a new story each week.  In the month of October, for example, it was “Call a Spooky Story” and for November the theme is “Call-a-Delicious Story” with all books relating to food. Call-a-Story can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing children to call in whenever there’s a need for a fun change of pace. All participating books can be found on the shelves of your local library, so if you really love a story you can check it out and bring it home.

Be sure to check the library website for this month’s listing of stories, or just call 317-275-4444 to be surprised!


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