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Getting ready for the first day of school is a task that involves shopping for school supplies, buying lunchbox fare, and sometimes, a trip to your family physician.

Indiana public schools follow the state guidelines in regards to immunizations. The schedule has been updated for 2015-16 school year. My family started receiving phone calls from our school district about a week after summer started reminding us to check our records.

The new Indiana vaccination guidelines keep the pattern of needing additional immunizations at the kindergarten, sixth grade and twelfth grade level. Basically, if your first grader was in compliance when he started kindergarten, he shouldn’t need any additional immunizations until he’s entering sixth grade. The state has an adjusted schedule for children who need to catch up on their immunizations. The Catch Up schedule can be found at

So where can you get your child’s immunizations done as you’re also shopping for shoes and lunchboxes and backpacks? A trip to your family doctor should get your child caught up, but in case that’s not an option, there are plenty of area vaccination clinics that can help.

The Marion County Health Departments offers immunizations at offices around the city – be sure to call the clinic you’d like to visit before you go- here’s the clinic schedule. The Marion County Health Department will immunize any resident, regardless of insurance status (fees may apply, call for information). Surrounding counties also offer immunizations through their health departments- each one has regulations about who is eligible to receive vaccinations.

The State of Indiana offers a program called Vaccines for Children (VFC) that vaccinates uninsured and underinsured children for free. For more information, visit the state website. In an effort to help families get in compliance, the Jane Pauley Community Health Centers and Community Health Network  will be offering immunization clinics in preparation for a new school school year. From the Lawrence Township Schools website: Immunizations will be provided regardless of your ability to pay; however, please bring your insurance/Medicaid information/card.


Clinics will be held on the following dates at the these locations:

Jane Pauley at Post Road                      Jane Pauley at Brook Park

8931 E. 30th Street                             5259 David Street

Indianapolis, IN 46219                            Indianapolis, IN 46226

Tuesdays                                            Thursdays

– July 21 (8:30am-4pm)                          – July 23 (8:30am-4pm)

– July 28 (8:30am-4pm)                          – July 30 (8:30am-4pm)

  • Please bring an up to date copy of your child’s vaccination record with you when you come to the immunization clinic.
  • A parent/guardian must accompany the child to the immunization clinic to sign a consent to administer vaccinations.
  • Not all commercial insurance plans are accepted. Please call 317-355-9338 with questions.


Many other walk-in clinics offer immunizations– be sure to call ahead to confirm they offer the service you need, and to bring your child’s shot record with you when you go.

CVS Minute Clinic

Healthcare Clinic at  Walgreens

MedCheck (Community Hospitals)

Urgent Care (Franciscan Alliance)


While your child typically won’t need a physical to enroll in a public school, a physical exam may be required for participation in sports. These physicals can usually be obtained at the same places that offer immunizations – your family physician, your local health department, and walk-in clinics.

If you are unsure of what’s required for your child to attend school, contact your school office directly by phone or check your school’s website. The staff at your child’s school knows the importance of good attendance, and that starts on the first day of school!
For more information about vaccine requirements at every age level, as well as information on medical and religious exemptions, please visit

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