The Indianapolis Strawberry Festival on Monument Circle is a Summer Favorite

The Indianapolis Strawberry Festival typically takes place on the second Thursday in June. This year’s Cathedral Women Strawberry Festival will take place on Thursday, June 13, 2024.

In previous years, and with the help of 300 volunteers from the church and local agencies, the women have raised around $60,000 to $70,000 annually, which goes straight back to the community in the form of project grants. Recipient agencies in the recent past include Exodus Refugee Immigration, Resources of Hope, Inc., Random Acts of Flowers Indianapolis, Joy’s House, School on Wheels, TeenWorks, Peace Learning Center, and many more.

A full list of grant recipients from the proceeds of previous Strawberry Festivals is available here.

2024 Indianapolis Strawberry Festival on the Circle

Where is the Strawberry Festival in Indianapolis? Once a year, bring your $10 and grab a delicious strawberry shortcake topped with ice cream on Monument Circle. This summer rite of passage is a “must-do” every year!

Typically held on the second Thursday in June, the annual fundraiser for the Christ Church Cathedral Women’s group will serve up their famous “works” shortcake for $10. What are the “works” you ask? Only the most fabulous concoction ever: shortcake topped with strawberries, a scoop of ice cream, and whipped topping. At $10, you’ll be amazed how delicious and wonderful this treat is.

Not interested in the “works”? Strawberries and ice cream are $3 each and shortcakes and whip are $2 each.

Cash and card are accepted. Get your bulk, pre-sale orders of 10 or more items in by Wednesday, June 12, at 3 pm.

It’s estimated that over three tons of strawberries and 10,000 shortcakes will be served up in 2024. Sound like a lot? Don’t bet on it being enough! The festival typically takes place from 9 am-4 pm, or whenever supplies run out, and believe me, they will run out! Maybe even before 4 pm.  If you work downtown, you can enjoy stretching out on the grass in the sun or grab yours to go!

The Indianapolis Strawberry Festival fundraiser is held on Monument Circle on the second Thursday of each June.

Planning Ahead for the Strawberry Festival

Downtown parking is always a puzzle; during popular festivals or on a weekday, it’s even more of a challenge. Consider public transportation, like the Red Line! We typically can find street parking if we’re willing to circle around for a while and walk a few blocks. I bring our wagon and water bottles for the kids. This year, I’m bringing a picnic blanket since my kids like to sit on the grass near the monument. I’m also packing sunblock because I forgot it last year and that was a big mistake!

Kids at the Indianapolis Strawberry Festival

Children are welcome and I know mine wouldn’t miss it! The portions are very big, my kids and I usually split two of the “Works” and that is plenty. I imagine that one of these years I’ll end up getting back in line for a 3rd serving if necessary, but maybe not. They also sell each of the items a la carte so if your child doesn’t want the cake/strawberries/whipped topping, you can just purchase the pieces they DO want for a discount.

There are a lot of people and things to see. My kids love singing and dancing to the live music and climbing up the steps to the top of the monument. There are people with dogs and my kids can’t resist petting a dog.

The lines seem very long when you get there, but if you avoid lunch hours (11:30 am-1 pm) the lines will be a bit shorter. Even when you are there during peak hours, the lines move very quickly. Keep in mind that there really isn’t any shelter from the sun, so plan accordingly with sunblock, hats, and sunglasses. You may need to walk a bit, so bring a stroller or wagon if necessary and wear walking shoes. Bring water.

Parking for the Indianapolis Strawberry Festival on Monument Circle

Street parking is available on nearby streets, and nearby lots and parking structures offer hourly parking rates. Guests should expect to park and walk to the Indianapolis Strawberry Festival, as the Circle will be a no-parking zone.

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  3. Why can’t this be on a weekend? I’ve always wanted to go but I can never make it because it’s during the week. A Saturday would be great!

    1. It’s always on a weekday because that’s when downtown traffic is high due to the weekday workforce. There are more strawberry festivals throughout the summer on the weekends in other places! Check those out!

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