Indianapolis Date Nights | Things to Try in July

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Do you need some Indy area date night ideas? We’ll help you plan a whole month of amazing date nights…WITHOUT your kids. Grab your spouse, your partner, your sister or your best friend — we have lots of ideas for all of you!

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Play: Monon Mixer at The Waterpark

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Don’t miss the best pool party of the summer! Join us at The Waterpark after hours for the adults-only Monon Mixer. Get your friends together for a night of fun lounging on the lazy river, surfing the FlowRider/var/folders/_k/hy6q3tws3w95k8503pj5yd_h0000gn/T/, munching on snacks from the food trucks, and enjoying some adult beverages poolside! Pre-registration is required. Click here to reserve your spot! July 18 & August 1. 21 and over only. Adult beverages will be available for purchase. Please enjoy responsibly.

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Hang Out: Hammock Time

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“Hammock Time” is a fun opportunity for visitors to rent a hammock and enjoy a relaxing visit to White River State Park. Hammocks can be rented for a time period of up to four hours and placed in a number of designated areas throughout the park. We spent a few hours lounging beneath the trees, sharing our hopes and dreams. Share a hammock (if you fall below the weight limit) or get your own and relax across from one another. Taking a nap on a date might not sound glorious, until you become a parent, then you get it.

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Get Physical: Sky Zone

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Get ready to fly sky high at SkyZone! With multiple Indy locations, you’ll find a place to play near you! Jump in to fun at this trampoline park that has ninja warrior type obstacle courses and lots of places to get daring and push yourself. You’ll have a great time and work up an appetite worthy of a dinner out.

Find a sweet deal on admission right here.

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Girls Night: Penn & Beech

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Create your very own blend of fragranced candle at this adorable maker space. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at Penn & Beech and a variety of restaurants and other things to do are right out the door. Mass Ave is a great places to eat, drink and play.

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Eat: Festiva!

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Festiva! is the best Mexican food restaurant in Indy outside of the International Marketplace neighborhood. Their Cowboy Horchata is the only horchata that I want to drink, Festiva! tacos are so delicious and the guacamole — don’t even get me started. Cuddle up on the patio on a rainy day or as the rain pitter patters down outside.

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Cheer: Colts Training Camp

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Colts Training Camp kicks off this month at Grand Park in Westfield and there’s a whole series of days meant for adults to enjoy! Plan a day-date for Thirsty Thursday or BBQ Bash! It’s a great way to get in on the action pre-pre-season.

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Watch: Drive in Movies

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Forget Netflix, when was the last time you enjoyed a night out at the drive in movies? It’s the perfect place to snuggle, smooch and take in a show. If you’re ready for the original binge watching experience, head over to Tibbs Drive-in and stick around and watch up to three different new releases for one price! Canary Creek is a great south side of Indianapolis drive-in option.

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Party: Beef & Boards

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This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Day the Music Died, and Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre is remembering with a production of Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, on stage through Aug. 18. Tickets include the Beef & Boards dinner buffet which is a class act in itself. This musical brings the songs and story of Buddy Holly to life. His rise to fame lasted just 18 months and ended tragically with a plane crash outside of Clear Lake, Iowa, in 1959. But in that time, Buddy gave us such hits as “Everyday,” “Oh Boy,” “That’ll Be the Day,” and “Peggy Sue.” Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story also features The Big Bopper’s “Chantilly Lace,” and Ritchie Valens’ “LaBamba.”

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Find the best Indy date ideas in our guide to the best date ideas in Indy.


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