performances at the Lilly Theatre at the Childrens museum indianapolis indy with kids city moms

It’s a tale as old as time: Holiday cheer, magical reindeer, Santa Claus and… a band of pirates? We had little to go on aside from the brief description on the Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis website but knew we’d be in for a treat. As we’ve found with all shows Lilly Theater puts on, Jingle appealed to kids of all ages {we had a good mix of children 12 months-6 years old in attendance} with a little parent humor mixed in.performances at the Lilly Theatre at the Childrens museum indianapolis indy with kids city moms jingle arrgh the way 2

Jingle Arrrgh the Way tells the story of a boy named Jeremy Jacob, who in the wake of his school play facing cancellation, reunites with pirate friends to solve a riddle, find a Christmas treasure – naturally located in the North Pole – and save the school play. Songs and musical numbers cheerfully pepper the scenes and the troupe makes excellent use of the stage with acrobatics and choreographed numbers. The audience was engaged throughout the performance and we often found ourselves face-to-face with [albeit very kind] pirates. This is a don’t-miss for your 2013 holiday season!

WHAT: Jingle Arrrgh The Way: A Christmas Play
WHERE: Lilly Theater, located inside the Children’s Museum Of Indianapolis
WHEN: Dec 14–15, 21–22, 26–29, & Dec. 31–Jan. 5; 1 and 3 pm {also showing Christmas Eve at 11:30am}
COST: Free with museum admission
HOT TIP: Tickets may be requested upon arrival at the museum on a first come first serve basis. Members can reserve online a maximum of 10 per member household and this is recommended!
EXPECT: Laughter. And lots of it.

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