Five Kid-Places in Indianapolis to Date without Kids

You cart your kids here and there, to museums, parks, and everywhere in between. When it’s date night you probably tend to seek adults-only locations and activities. Every now and then, though, it can be a blast to let your inner kid have a chance to play too. Here are 5 places to be a kid without your kids.

1.Go Roller Skating

I recently took my three year old to this 90s childhood throwback and WOW! What a blast! The music is upbeat and fun, and skating comes back almost like riding a bike. The crowd is fun and the energy is infectious. Find an adult skate time or a late-night open skate, lace up, sing along and hold hands while you go around and around and around…

2. Visit Your Fave Museum 

While I wouldn’t recommend The Children’s Museum as a date on a normal day, there are plenty of adult activities at places like TCM and Connor Prairie (think themed dinners, masquerade balls, etc!). The hubs and I are looking forward to TCM’s Museum by Moonlight where we can have a drink and also do the chocolate slide! Even during usual museum hours, places like the Indiana State Museum and the IMA have exhibits and areas that get overlooked or rushed past when kids are in tow. Pop in and see what you’ve been missing.

3. Play Mini-Golf

You know who mini-golf is made for? Kids. You know who makes mini-golf less fun than it should be? Kids. Ok, JK, I love trying things out with my kids. But the balls are all over the place, they fight over whose turn it is, and mommy rarely gets to go at all! Take a page from the high school dating guide and pop over to one of the cities mini-golf locations with your honey and have all. the. turns. Some locations have arcades, go-karts, and laser tag too…and no one will steal your prize tokens. Don’t know where to go? Check out this list.

4. See Lego Batman (or another kid flick)

aka Actually get to Watch that Pretty-Darn-Funny Cartoon Movie

As a parent and a former teacher I usually shy away from watching cartoon movies. However, every now and then something hits the big screen with commercials that make me laugh enough to spit out my La Croix. Enter Lego Batman. My kids are too young for me to justify paying full price to go to the theater, and even if I coughed it up, I’d spend most of the movie taking someone to pee, refilling the popcorn, and juggling a large amount of people on my lap. You know who would be a better movie date? Anyone over the age of 18. So maybe, just maybe, it would be more fun to watch the movie later with the kids (100 times in a row) if the first time I see it I can spend 90 minutes laughing at the jokes I can actually hear!

5. Go Swimming 

After a recent trip with the fam to Great Wolf Lodge my husband and I were disappointed that we didn’t get to check out any of the big slides. Our kids are too little for them, and we didn’t have any other adults there to watch the kids while we went. How fun would it be to spend a day hitting up the slides without the kids?!? Even in cool weather the Indy area has plenty of fun indoor pools and water parks. (Check out our list here). Swim laps at the YMCA, hit up the water slides at the Monon Center indoor pool, or try out the giant inflatable obstacle course at the George Washington Community School pool. 

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