Support Your School with a Kona Ice PTO Fundraiser

Are you a member of a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and looking for a fun and easy way to hold a fundraiser? Look no further than Kona Ice!

The Importance of School Fundraisers

Parent Teacher Organizations, or PTOs, are often asked to provide money for incentives or events in schools. They fund author visits, classroom prizes, field day t-shirts, good behavior rewards, classroom grants, teacher lunches, and the list goes on.

Kona Ice Be Good. Do Good. For Good.

Many schools host a PTO fundraiser selling candy bars, cookie dough, or trash bags. Some hold walkathons or raise money through Dine-to-Donate events. None of these is as simple and as crowd-pleasing as a Kona Ice fundraiser.

How can Kona Ice Help with Fundraising?

Kona Ice works with many PTOs. Tell them what you are working towards and they can help figure out the best fundraiser option for you. If you’re hosting an event such as a walkathon or Family Fun Night at your school, Kona Ice could be available as another way to raise funds during the event. Some schools use Kona Ice as an incentive for students to get to a certain prize level during a fundraiser. Students earn a prize, and Kona gives back a percentage of what they earn to the PTO.

Kona Ice is also Smart Snack Compliant according to the USDA “All Foods Sold in Schools.” The first ingredient listed for the Kona Ice treat is fruit and it is full of vitamins C and D. So Kona Ice can even come to school lunch annually or monthly and your school will earn money while students enjoy a fun, healthy treat.

Options to Fit Your Event

Kona has several truck options that can bring the fundraiser right to your school. They can serve up to 100 people per hour with each truck. These ingredients add up to a fast and easy fundraiser. Their main truck is called “The Kev,” or Kona Entertainment Vehicle. It is a colorful food truck that plays tropical music and contains the all-important Flavorwave, do-it-yourself spigots that dispense the ten most popular Kona flavors. It would be a great option at a walkathon or festival.

There are also smaller trucks available, depending on the location and size of your event. The kiosk truck and mini both also contain the Flavorwave and are more versatile in where they can be set up. These trucks can even be used at an indoor event. All vehicles are self-contained, mobile, and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Approved.

For More Information

Kona Ice is available year-round and can work with your group on the best fundraising options for your needs. Their calendar is already filling up for popular days like field days and the last days of school, so act fast! If you’re interested in learning more or want to book a Kona Ice fundraising event, please contact

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