Laser tag is seriously one of the best workouts I’ve EVER had! Paintball probably tops laser tag in the caloric burn arena but it also makes me very, very edgy for a few hours and leaves painful welts allover my body. Laser tag however, is painless (as long as you stretch first).

Laser Tag at Royal Pin Indy

Laser Storm is located inside of Royal Pin Expo Bowling Center (5261 Elmwood Avenue, Indianapolis) so you’ll be nice and warm during this winter season. Perfect if you were looking for something for this kids to do. Teens LOVE LASER TAG too! When you are finished with Laser Storm, there’s so much more to do at Expo Bowl. What a great thing to do with your whole family! Each round is 15 minutes long (which will be plenty). Don’t worry, there will be other people playing along so it’s not an all out family battle! My biggest piece of advice? Remember to find allies BEFORE you start the game!

Purchase single games or multiples games, and the more games you buy, the cheaper they are! Hours vary by season so you’ll want to call to check before you make your plans! 317.787.3448.

Laser tag is a great teen or children’s birthday party activity too. To find all of the Indianapolis laser tag venues, visit Indy with Kids.