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I’m always looking for anything car-related to satiate Tommy’s car obsession. I had heard about this FREE event that takes place several times each month, Cars and Coffee, at Gator Motorsports (3353 West 96th Street, Indianapolis) from Tommy’s preschool teacher who knew about his love of cars. We had to wait until Tommy’s Saturday morning swim lessons were over to finally attend and it was worth the wait!

As soon as the four of us pulled into the parking lot in Rocky’s car, a sporty 2-door Honda Civic Si we knew we were in the right place. I’m pretty sure I know where, or rather whom Tommy gets his love of cars comes from!

We got there a little after 10am (it runs until about 12pm) and the lot was pretty full. We found a parking spot and soon after another Honda parked next to us. We got the stroller out and had Lily stroll as we started to look at the cars. The first one we saw up close was the DeLorean. Remember that car from the 1980’s Back to the Future movie series? Aluminum frame and body panels, gull-wing doors, rear engine. Yeah, that one!

(This event is now held at Gator Motorsports and FREE coffee is offered to visitors! During our visit, the event took place in the McAlister’s Deli/Paradise Cafe parking lot.)

Many of the owners stood right next to their cars and carsancoffeeopened the hood so you could see the engine and other components. We heard a few back-stories of the cars, for example the Pontiac GTO convertible that had been restored after being used for storage in a barn for 30 years! The owners surely take a lot of pride in their cars and even though there were a lot of kids of all ages there, be mindful that your little ones should not touch the cars. That said, Cars and Coffee is very community based and low key, so some may be okay with touching the cars, we didn’t really try. Rocky spent a lot of time picking Tommy up to get a look inside the hood, he really wanted to see the engines (like this Mustang 5.0)!

We spent about an hour total with some potty/snack/coffee breaks and that was about ideal for us. Tommy walked and Lily strolled for the most part but as soon as she was out of the stroller she immediately wanted to walk and touch the cars (this was the Lotus Super 7)! Cars and Coffee is completely free, of course other than paying for your own coffee and snacks! Recommended for all ages!carsandcoffee2

When planning your visit check out their website, or “like” them on Facebook to keep up to date and see some more photos. It was a gorgeous day for us, but I’m assuming this is rain or shine. I’m sure a little rain wouldn’t stop the most die-hard fan!

Tommy’s really loves rally cars so the blue Subaru made his day!

But when I asked him after we got home which car was his favorite he said “the red Ferrari!” What can I say, he has good taste!


Photo credit for all above photos: Lizz

3353 West 96th Street

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