Carson Park & Robert Cockrum Spray Grounds Splash Pad

A splash pad on a concrete slab with an ocean and pirate theme. Adorable features both in-ground and above-ground create a nice place for all ages to enjoy. Shaded seating is available around the sprinkler park but you’ll get wet! The Robert “Bob” Cockrum Spray Grounds in Carson Park is one of our top picks!

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5400 South High School Road

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  • 4 thoughts on “Carson Park & Robert Cockrum Spray Grounds Splash Pad”

    1. Can the walking paths receive new asphalt? They are in horrible condition and even if you want to walk on them. People park their cars on them instead of the parking lot or the side of the road. Which it makes it impossible to use.

    2. Me and my grandson was locked in woman’s bathroom on Monday around 8pm-ish’s or so I’ve been calling the Carson park phone number no answer the door opened fine to go in but when trying to get out we was stuck the door would not open it was a very scary moment I even had to go to ER to get my heart check due to heart problems this scared us very badly we was bagging and screaming finally a couple showed up to help after 30 mins or so the door came open after giving it everything I had and they had I feel it needs checked out not sure if it locks at a certain time but if so you might want to make sure no one is in restroom and there are signs that say that as well if that’s not the case it needs checked for sure I would hate for anyone to get locked in there like we was it was hot and very scary for there wasn’t anyone around finally a family came to park for there is less people around 7-9 ish’s that’s when we was there I believe this happened for a reason before there is in tragedies of someone getting locked in there and no one knowing of it please check it out Blessings to everyone that goes to the park that runs the park I’ve been sending many Prayers up I hope the right person receives this have a Blessed Day

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