Craig Park

Just south of the Greenwood Community Center, you’ll find Craig Park, a city favorite. Home of the 4th of July Celebrations, softball diamonds, volleyball courts and other community fun, you’ll find this space abuzz with activity year round.butterflies trees and bees

The most recent addition of three mini playgrounds with nature themes, are a hit with my kids. Each little pocket playground is built with an individual theme with a teaching placard.

Butterflies is a space with a spinning feature that brings to mind the cocoon phase, then a tunnel structure is the caterpillar and finally, a spiderweb type rope climber is the butterfly.

bees trees and butterflies greenwood pocket parksThe Bees play area has a stack of honeycomb sections for children to climb up onto and peek through as well as a big bee sculpture to also climb upon.

Trees has fake trees for children to climb up about 8 feet.

These areas that are spread out from the greenwood park butterflies bees treesCommunity Center on up to the main Craig Park playground, are sure the help with crowd control during large city-wide events. In our experience, the three new playgrounds are best suited for preschool age but the BIG playground up the hill is perfect for many ages.

10 E. Smith Valley Rd

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