OUT OF BUSINESS: Doughnuts & Dragons | Board Game Library

Doughnuts & Dragons is out of business with plans to reopen.


The noontime rush fills the large space that is Doughnuts and Dragons with laughter, conversation and excitement over a winning move in a board game. Families with young children play the classics; Chutes & Ladders, Connect 4, Candy Land, Clue. Others select modern games that involve conversation, imagination and full on strategy. The best part is that everyone is a winner at Doughnuts and Dragons, the donut shop meets game library meets taproom.

Doughnuts & Dragons Board Game Library (Not Available at this time due to COVID)

For just $1 per person, guests can play with the 100’s of board games available in the Doughnuts and Dragons Library. Your $1 will give you access to a full day of playing as many games as you want. With dozens of different seating configurations and spaces, you’ll find the table top or chair that’s just right for whichever game you want to play. You can also bring in your own games free of charge.

Food at Doughnuts & Dragons

Just as its name suggests, you’ll find a case of beautiful, fresh, house-made donuts, but there’s a problem. You’re going to want to try them all! We suggest starting with the Fluffernutter and then moving on to the fruit filled donuts like the Lemon Blueberry Basil. The White Chocolate Raspberry donut is on our list to try next time. There’s a discount for purchasing 6 or more donuts. You might notice a funny little button on the table when you sit down. It’s okay to push it, this will summon a server to help you grab another round of drinks or donuts!

Drinks at Doughnuts & Dragons

Local craft beers are available on tap and they pair really well with the donuts…and the board games. You’ll also find wine, soft drinks, kombucha and coffee.

Groups and Parties

There are two large spaces available to reserve for group game play or parties. One space is a private room and the other space is semi-private. Even without reserving a space, Doughnuts and Dragons is a great place to plan a meet-up with a bunch of friends or family members and have a great time chatting and playing games. Board game fans would be so lucky to have their birthday party here and Gen Con attendees are certain to flood this spot in July and August.

Doughnuts & Dragons Location and Hours

Doughnuts and Dragons is located in Clearwater Crossing at 3838 E 82nd Street, Indianapolis. It’s located in the same area as Main Event Entertainment. There’s plenty of free parking in the parking lot right outside of the shop.

Let us know what you think of this concept. Would you bring your children here? How much time would you spend here?

Special Donuts for Holidays

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that if you’re wondering where to get a King Cake in Indianapolis, we’ve got that, but Doughnuts and Dragons has a KING CAKE DONUT!

3838 E 82nd Street

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