The Fishers public library is loaded with activities for all members of your family. On a regular basis they offer many programs geared toward children and families that are come and go as you please and several additional programs that require registration, including regularly scheduled homeschool enrichment programs.

This library offers various free play areas that your little ones can enjoy and interact with. They have three areas in the children’s wing of the library that are open during business hours. A back area with hopscotch, two interactive play tables, a play kitchen, several magnetic play boards, sensory see-through tubes and cloth clip and play boards as well as some couches and chairs for mom and dad to relax on while your little ones play.

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On one sidewall they have two very large magnetic boards for magnet play and building tracks for balls. The third area offers 4 IPads that are loaded with games and activities for all kids of any age. They also have a very large playroom that is open for free play after scheduled children’s programs are completed until the next program begins and during their designated open playroom hours. Those hours are Sundays 1:30pm-4pm, Thursdays 4pm-7pm, Fridays 12pm-4pm and Saturdays 11am-4pm. One week a month they open the playroom for the entire time the library is open. This typically is the last week of the month. Open playroom times are listed on their monthly calendars.

This library offers so many fabulous programs for families. Here are some highlighted activities favored by different age groups.
– Bunny Hop is a program geared toward babies to age 2 that includes several read alouds, finger plays, songs and free play.
– Read Out LOUD is geared for kiddos age 2-4 and offers interactive songs and stories as well as learning stations that incorporate Art, Music, Math and Science.
– Movin and Groovin is geared for ages 3-5 and offers lots of movement through songs, singing, playing instruments and using musical props.
– Pre-K Stars is geared for ages 4-6 and offers stories, songs, group activities and games as well as learning stations and free play.
– Makers Meetup (age 7-10) and Makers Meetup 2.0 (ages 10-12) offer kids opportunities to use various tools to connect, invent and create.

The library also includes various programs for all ages including teens through book clubs, Minecraft, Lego, Angry Birds, story creating and much more. For the whole family the favorite tends to be the Hamilton East Public Library Music Series that brings live performances into the library including live bands, members of the Indianapolis Opera and more! Be sure to check out the library’s monthly calendar located on their website to find out additional information about these free highlighted events and everything else this wonderful public library has to offer!

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