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Written by Erin Dague

If you are interested in a family-owned, local place where you can introduce your child to ice skating, look no further than Ice Barn Indy. Located in the heart of Westfield, this ice-skating facility offers an array of fun family programming and events.

Classes, Leagues, and Clinics

Get Started or Gain New Skills

Learn To Skate Programming is available at the Ice Barn, and features top-notch instruction for all ages. Learn how to skate or gain confidence and skills on the ice. This intimate environment boasts small class sizes, which leads to more individual time with your instructor on the ice. Train like a professional at the Ice Barn, where their mission highlights the belief that everyone deserves access to world-class instruction and skill development. The first place to start is the Learn to Skate Program!

Are you an experienced skater looking to take your skills to the next level? Ice Barn Indy offers a variety of skills clinics and opportunities for you to enhance your skills like never before. Register for the Breakfast Club, which is a skills class designed to enhance your puck-handling skills, improve shooting accuracy, and further develop passing skills.

You can also join fellow skaters at the Ice Barn to participate in their pop-up clinics! These clinics are designed to provide your child with further opportunities to get out on the ice and work with world-class instructors and leaders in the ice skating and hockey community. Ice Barn is passionate about the next generation of skaters and is continuing to showcase that passion with many different types of classes and clinics to meet your family’s needs and schedule.

Join Youth or Adult Leagues

If you or your child want to connect with a league, there is something for everyone at Ice Barn Indy! Adult leagues run throughout the week, as well as children’s rec leagues through the Indianapolis Youth Hockey Association. 3V3 leagues are held for adults, as well as special summer league opportunities for high schoolers.

Skate Through the Summer

Hockey is not just a winter sport! In fact, the Ice Barn offers ways for your children to get out on the ice all year round. They are currently accepting reservations for the 2023 summer camp session. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for summer intensives and other programs to help your child to stay engaged and active this summer. Summer camp is a great way to try out hockey if your child has never experienced it before. Many families with roots in Indiana do not grow up with a lot of hockey experience. As the sport continues to gain momentum and the community grows in Indianapolis, Ice Barn Indy is committed to training up the next generation of hockey players, right here in the Midwest!

Services and Opportunities


Skate Sharpening and Repair

Are you looking for blade sharpening or skate repair? The Ice Barn has the best skate-sharpening service in the city! Sharp blades keep your child at peak performance and provide easier maneuverability on the ice. The Ice Barn offers one-time skate sharpening for $10, or you can get a discounted punch card for future uses. They also offer skate repairs, which many skating rinks do not offer. This service is done in-house and can include work such as stitching, part replacements, and conversions. For all the details on their shop and services, see their website here.

Private Rink Reservations

Are you wanting to reserve some ice time? Ice Barn Indy would be happy to connect with you to offer you a private time slot for practice. Please note that this would be an option for established hockey players or ice skaters with their own gear, as skate rentals are not currently offered at the Ice Barn. Private clinics, as well as additional practices with your fellow teammates or friends, are a great use of this reservation service. Check out the ice rental section of the Ice Barn website for more information and to reserve your preferred time.

Advertising Opportunities

Business owners looking for sponsorship opportunities should consider reaching out to the Ice Barn. There are many opportunities for businesses to connect with the many families that visit the Ice Barn every week in the form of advertisements. Promote your business to over 150,000 hockey fans per year with a targeted advertisement approach. Your business would be in front of people from hockey tournaments, charity events, high schools, adult leagues, and more. Contact the Ice Barn to learn more about how you can get involved in this awesome sponsorship opportunity!

Hockey is a sport that provides many opportunities to develop life skills. Teamwork, sharing, gross motor skills, and coordination are just a few of the many benefits to playing ice sports. If your child has additional needs and cannot skate without assistance, The Ice Barn offers a rec league for sled hockey, which is an adapted version of traditional hockey. No matter your ability level or experience, there is something for everyone to try! Fall in love with hockey at the Ice Barn Indy in Westfield.

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