Line+Form Art Center is Moving and the New Space is Gorgeous!

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LINE+form Atelier fine art studio irvington east sideFor years, Frances Samarripa was a volunteer, providing art services for Indy area children in need. She enjoyed it so much that she wanted to work on a larger scale. In 2016, she opened Line + Form Atelier, an exploratory fine art studio for kids and teens. Since then, Line+Form has become a favorite space among Indy area families for creating and inspiring their children.

After August 1st, Line + Form will close their doors on the East side of Indianapolis in Irvington and make the move to 17th and Bellafontaine on the Old Northside in the Kennedy King neighborhood. An existing pagoda style service station will be connected via a breezeway to a brand new garage style building, where they can serve even more families in the Indianapolis area.

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Drawing courtesy of Line+Form Art Center

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For the past few years, children of all ages have enjoyed creating art in a variety of forms; clay, painting, textiles, dance and paint, flower mandalas and even more specialized areas of exploration. This September, the new Line+Form Art Center will reopen in a brand new space where they’ll be able to offer new services.

The grand plan includes hiring at least one licensed art therapist who will have complete access to the private studio space when there aren’t classes on the schedule, creative writing workshops, spoken word, dance therapy, and other creative classes and events.

We will be building an outdoor patio that will serve as a gathering space and classroom extension in the warmer months, and Reveal Properties has also given us permission to create raised garden beds to bring back our community Art Garden!!!

Line+Form will remain open in Irvington for summer camp and regular programming through August 1st, 2019.

Line + Form Art Center is available for playgroups, birthday parties, field trips and more.

Weekly Open Studio times are on the schedule where kids can explore various art mediums for an hour long session for $15. There is a sibling discount as well as a discount for the second hour of studio time. Open studio is designed for kids 12 months and up.


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5612 E Washington St, Ste A

Visit Line+Form Art Center is Moving and the New Space is Gorgeous!

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