Line+Form Art Center is Moving and the New Space is Gorgeous!

Line + Form Art Center has a dreamy new studio located in the Kennedy King neighborhood that you have to check out. Every inch of the new studio is so well thought out. It’s open and airy, but also bursting with inspiration and art. It’s seriously like my dream Pinterest board come to life. It’s no surprise, really. Everything that Line + Form does is amazing. They have some of the coolest summer camps around, their programming is top notch and their classes are so fun.

My daughter and I recently participated in their Family Fluid Painting Workshop and had the most amazing time. Line + Form really puts the focus on process-based art, which basically means that the journey is more important than the destination. I really feel like process-based art is like play-based learning. My daughter learned a lot about color theory when mixing the paints she needed for the fluid pour. We watched liquids with different densities mixing in our cups. We practiced patience while we poured the paint on our canvas and we embraced the chaos that is fluid motion painting. The journey was the most important part because the whole time we were swirling paint, we were talking and laughing. The end result? An amazing painting that we hung in our playroom. Our painting looks like a legit piece of abstract art.

The workshop was so cool and easy. Ms. Fran explained the process and taught us how to mix the paint to get the right consistency, then she turned us loose. My nearly five-year-old daughter was in her element. She did most of the mixing and pouring and we just let the magic happen. We had such a great time that we are already trying to figure out which program to attend next.

Line + Form has an awesome line-up of programs for the whole family. Their toddler art playgroup and preschool art group are hits with the younger crowd. Artivists is a cool and socially-conscious program for teens that you have to check out.  But there is so, so much more. Check out their calendar for upcoming slime labs, potion workshops, painting classes, open studio times and so much more.

Did I mention that Line + Form does birthday parties? With themes from Unicorns, fairies, emojis, and potions to construction, outer space, dinosaurs, and superheroes, Line + Form has you covered. Imagine a super cool party at an art studio that your kids will love, without all the hard work. This is a total hidden gem for birthday parties.

Just across the street from the new studio are two ultra-cool bars: Cannonball Brewing Company and West Fork Whiskey Co. Check out the studio then go across the street for a drink or a light meal (without the kids). Real talk. I’m slightly obsessed with everything at Line + Form Art Center. The design is amazing, the programs are cool, a little edgy and so fun.  Seriously, sign up for a program, you will be glad you did.


5612 E Washington St, Ste A

Visit Line+Form Art Center is Moving and the New Space is Gorgeous!

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