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When I was younger, we would check out the tidepools at the beach — while the tide was out we’d look at all of the ocean life that was left behind until the next time the tide changed and the water rose to put these treasures back underwater. Whenever a particularly large wave crashed into the rocks we would scream with joy as the water sprayed our backs and wet our faces.

There may not be tidepools in Indiana and there probably aren’t a lot of waves in Indianapolis but we found the next best thing; creek stomping! As a child, my husband loved spending hours splashing and swimming and tossing rocks and stick into creeks. The one closest to his house was the creek at Marott Park and Nature Preserve. Marott Park has a picnic shelter and other picnic table areas, lots of open grassy areas and hiking trails. If you enter the hiking trails on the north east corner of the park and walk on the main trail, you’ll come upon a pretty creek in less than five minutes. If you follow the creek south, you’ll end up at the White River where stronger swimmers can wade into deeper water.

Lulu is obsessed with collecting sticks and rocks so Marott Park was a hit even before we got to the creek. marott1Stepping into the creek, Lulu was shocked and apprehensive because the water was a little chilly. It didn’t take long before her clothes were soaked and she was kicking and splashing around in the knee high water. Other kids were catching tiny fish with plastic bags and buckets. Dog owners were throwing balls into the water for their pups to retrieve, families were walking by with lawn chairs, ice chests and swimming goggles.

It was a warm Saturday morning in June, there was plenty of parking, lots of shade near the creek and sandy banks to sit on. I wish that we had a wagon with us to bring our lunch, a picnic blanket and to haul a soaking toddler back to the car but I’m not sure how it would have done in the sandy areas.

Marott Park is an Indy Park and does not require an admission or entrance fee. The park is open from dawn until dusk year round.

75th St. and College Ave

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