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What’s something that your whole family can enjoy all year round? From delicious pastries to unique sugar creations, there is no doubt that our society today loves something sweet. Whether it’s after lunch or dinner, for an event or simply “just because” our sweet tooth calls upon something delicious to satisfy it all year round. And who doesn’t love an incredible sweet treat after a long day? I know for myself and my family we have major sweet tooth and absolutely love exploring dessert shops and finding the best cupcakes across central Indiana. One dessert hot spot that has all of us excited is Nosh Dessert Parlour located in the heart of downtown Mooresville.

Getting to Nosh Dessert Parlour

Nosh Dessert Parlour is located in the heart of downtown Mooresville, at 20 S Indiana St., it is situated in a cute old building that’s been renovated and can easily be seen from the road. There are some parking spaces across the street in front of an antique store. There is also a large parking lot just past the parlour, by the court clerk’s office that can accommodate anyone wishing to walk the downtown Mooresville area. Both parking spaces provide handicap parking and can be easily accessible for wheelchairs. There are several cute shops in the old buildings, making for a great opportunity to walk the area during those warm months. A few steps from the bakery, located in the downtown area is the Bicentennial Park; it’s located at the intersection of Indiana and Main Street. Bicentennial Park is a multi-purpose urban park that serves as a Gateway to downtown Mooresville. It provides public restrooms; seating and it features an amphitheater for the summer concert series, making it a great family friendly place to grab a yummy dessert and watch a concert.

Nosh Dessert Parlour

As you enter the shop, there are three steps that lead you up to the main floor of the shop. Once up you’ll be greeted by a beautiful red Victorian couch, chandler and adorable setting that make it a perfect photo opportunity for your family. When we visited the dessert parlour it was set in beautiful Christmas colors with a Christmas tree and large nutcracker, a beautiful holiday scenery can be seen throughout the parlour. The setting is changed for each season and holiday throughout the year, making it a cute family spot to visit and take pictures all year round, my boys ages 3 and 6 enjoyed having their picture taken there and I know there will be more to come.

The parlour does not offer table seating or a restroom.  My recommendation, once you’ve purchased your dessert is to head to the Bicentennial Park a few steps away where there’s benches and a public restroom for visitors to use. During the summer months you can also bring a picnic blanket and enjoy the concert while having your dessert.

Nosh Dessert Menu

Then you’ll come upon the dessert case full of an assortment of delicious goodies. There are a variety of cupcakes to choose from. During our visit we chose some festive holiday favorites such as; chocolate cupcake with peppermint frosting, cranberry orange cupcake and an all-time favorite, a vanilla cupcake. The cupcakes were very light and fluffy and were very delicious. The cupcake flavors change each week and within each season and holiday, providing visitors with an opportunity to try all sorts of different flavors throughout the year.

Also, in the case are beautiful mousse domes. There were a variety of flavors to choose from and all looked very delicious, I had decided on a chocolate raspberry mousse dome and it was a beautiful scene to the eye and had cute little details to it. The chocolate mousse filling combined with the raspberry made it oh so flavorful. The mousse domes, just as the cupcakes, will have different flavors throughout the year for each season and holiday. The case also included; an assortment of different brownies with and without frosting, various tarts, French macarons and ready to buy cakes for any of your occasion needs.

On the counter there’s an assortment of specialty cookies with designs for each holiday and season. An assortment of packaged macarons made at the parlour and one type of cookie that is unique for children is the “paint your own cookie.” I personally have never seen this type of cookie at other dessert shops and find it to be a unique and fun experience for kids. Each cookie comes with a small paint palette and brush, it allows kids the fun opportunity to “paint” their cookie before eating it. It makes such a great party favor or to have at a birthday party; a very fun and exciting experience whatever the occasion may be. The packaging of the food is just as cute as the parlour for on the go and I would recommend going earlier in the day, because specific items tend to sell out fast.

If your ever on the westside of Indy, near the Mooresville area give this new dessert bakery a try and I know they will not disappoint, if anything your taste buds will keep calling for more.

Hours of Operation:

Sunday: closed, or by appointment
Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 10 am-6 pm
Thursday:10 am-6 pm
Friday: 10 am-6 pm
Saturday: 8 am-3 pm

20 S Indiana St.

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