Rebellion Donuts

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We’re always on the quest to find the best donuts in Indy. We had our weekly adventure outing and then spent the afternoon snacking on donuts at Rebellion Doughnuts in Noblesville.

Rebellion Doughnuts

This small batch, craft donut shop has an array of donuts with names reminiscent of favorite childhood flavors, comfort foods and specialty frostings. We recommend the Nutella donut, a yeast donut sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar with a punch of Nutella in the center. It’s even better when accompanied by a shot of espresso.

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Rebellion Donuts offers a variety of donuts from cake to yeast, filled to topped, fruity to savory. My kids loved the blackberry sprinkle donut, the triple chocolate, the Neapolitan and the lemon tart. There’s no discount for purchasing a dozen donuts, so just pick the ones you really want. Expect to pay just under $3 each for most donuts.

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Rebellion Doughtnuts offers indoor seating and is great for families. There are even highchairs! Cartoons and children’s shows were playing on two television screens when we arrived (no sound) and my kids were pointing out the familiar superheroes and Mr. Rogers.

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Rebellion Doughnuts Location

Rebellion Doughnuts can be found in the Indianapolis City Market and in Noblesville.

17677 Cumberland Road, Noblesville, Indiana


17677 Cumberland Road

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