SC Music Place Provides an Encouraging Learning Environment

Written by Sara Keller

Sometimes, a little confidence can make all the difference. Sometimes, all that’s needed to gain that confidence is the right encouragement and support.

Sandra Canizares of SC Music Place can’t wait to be the person to provide her students with the boost they need to achieve their goals. “You have to give them confidence. That’s something that no one teaches you at school,” she says. Her own passion for music, energetic personality and excitement to share her Latin American cultural roots also come together to really set the student experience at SC Music Place apart.

SC Music Place is a sponsor of Indy with Kids. They offer fantastic music programs to Indiana youth, so this is a great collaboration.

Is your child is ready to begin or expand their musical education in piano, voice, or percussion? Lessons with Sandra or one of her team members at SC Music Place could be their perfect fit.

Dreams Realized and Growing


When Sandra Canizares moved to Bloomington from her home country of Cuba with her husband and two sons in 2018, she didn’t have plans to open a music school. She has always loved music, but while her husband studied at IU, turning that passion into a business was just a dream. However, nearly four years and a move north later, Sandra began teaching piano and voice lessons out of her own living room.

SC Music Place began with just two students in the Canizares’ home. In September of 2022, less than a year after opening, Sandra was able to expand her school to a larger building in Greenwood. Today, over 40 voice, piano, and percussion students regularly attend lessons at SC Music Place, where Sandra currently teaches most of the classes herself.

While Sandra teaches piano and voice, another teacher offers percussion lessons to students interested in learning drums. On Saturday mornings, an art teacher facilitates a one-hour arts and crafts class for children of all ages. But Sandra has even bigger dreams.

“In the future, my main goal is to have a cultural center.” She is already seeking a second piano teacher and envisions more music lessons, all types of art lessons, and even cooking classes with a Latin-American flair. ”I’m very excited to bring my Latin-American roots, and rhythms and culture to different kids,” she says. Keep an eye on this school – you never know what opportunities may be available next!

Learn Piano, Voice, or Percussion


Ready to register your budding musician? There’s no reason not to give a class a try. Your first lesson at SC Music Place is always free!

The school offers weekly piano, voice, or percussion classes to students as young as five. Sandra says she teaches many teens, as well as adults. SC Music Place can help, whether students want to learn for fun, to improve their skills used in school choirs or church worship teams, or to gain confidence as a performer.

The learning experience can be customized in many ways to best fit your student and schedule. Sandra offers group and individual classes, with in-person and online options available. Classes can also be taught in either English or Spanish – another unique, key benefit Sandra brings to the table.

Weekly, half-hour classes are student-driven, engaging, and energetic. Sandra makes a point of treating every lesson like “the first lesson of the day,” bringing fresh excitement to each session. She and her teammates can choose pieces for students to learn, personalized to their age and skill level, but always welcome them to bring in songs they are personally excited to sing or play.

If the opportunity to work on learning favorite songs isn’t enough to bring out the confidence in your child, you can be sure Sandra’s encouragement as a teacher will. She says many of her students come to her excited to learn and grow, but unsure of themselves. “They need someone to let them know that they are good…they don’t have the confidence, you know. That is the first thing you have to build up in them. You have to let them know that they are good, they are doing a great job, and that they can do it.”

Between all this positivity, skilled instruction, and some dedicated practice throughout the week at home, your child will surely discover their inner performer in no time.

Optional Recitals Provide Motivation


All students at SC Music Place are invited to prepare a performance for once-per-semester recitals. Family and friends are welcome to see the show at the studio. Recital participation is not required but can give learners a motivating goal to work towards.

Often, Sandra likes to choose a theme to add to the fun of the event. Past themes have included concepts like Broadway and music from TV and movies. An upcoming recital will feature pop songs specifically, a theme inspired by SC Music Place’s teen students. Some students even choose to come up with costumes to fit their performance.

Saturday Morning Arts and Crafts


Kids of all ages are welcome to join in the arts and crafts fun on Saturday mornings at SC Music Place. These teacher-led sessions are different every week and focus on a variety of art mediums. Sandra, whose two boys love arts and crafts, decided to offer these weekly opportunities at the studio as a safe space to practice new skills, have fun, and be creative.

The class begins each week at 10 am and lasts one hour. At the time of publishing, the cost is $15 per child. Reservations are recommended! Call 786-862-4947 or email to save your spot.

Musical education can open so many doors for our children. As you watch your child grow in their abilities, you’ll see them develop a deeper appreciation for music, learn discipline through regular practice, and discover joy at being able to express themselves through song. SC Music Place is ready to come alongside your child to help them grow as a musician, no matter where they are in their journey.

Your child couldn’t be in better hands. “They [parents] see that my main goal is the kids…I love teaching,” Sandra wants to assure future students and their families. “My goal is for every one of them to feel like they are special, they are unique, and I am there for them.” These might end up being the most important lessons your child learns as they delve deep into learning piano, singing, or drums. Sometimes, the most important ingredient in students’ growth is someone cheering them on and some good old-fashioned advice to believe in themselves.


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