My vote is that we should all check out Skateland (3902 N. Glen Arm Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254) and see if we’re still as cool as we were in middle school and high school (which is when I figure I last set foot in a roller rink). What an awesome idea for a family night or a birthday party for your kids. I’ve certainly been to my share of Roller Rink birthday parties!

Skateland offers a variety of fun opportunities throughout the week! On Saturday they have great specials, character skates, all you can eat pizza nights, blackout skate nights, holiday skate times and birthday parties! There is always something going on at Skateland!

Let’s go! We can all hang out and play the Giant Dice Games on the skate floor…or whatever the new 2020 version of skating games happen to be. I seriously need to get my skate on soon so that I know what I’m talking about! See you there. I’ll be the one clinging to the wall for life.

3902 N. Glen Arm Rd.

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