Moore-Youse Home in Muncie

My family loves to explore. We like to see new places and seek out learning opportunities. We especially love Conner Prairie and other historical places where we can see how people lived before our time. So, when I came across information about the Moore-Youse Home in Muncie, I knew we had to stop for a visit.

Touring the home is like stepping back in time. It is neatly decorated with Victorian era furnishings, including a hallstand with a mirror, a Steinway piano (which was the first piano in Muncie!) and several writing desks, one of which appears to be a converted piano. I loved the dining room, especially the corner hutch, which looked a lot like the one my grandparents had in their home. The kids were more interested in the kitchen, which was set up with early 1900s furnishings. They loved checking out all the appliances, especially the primitive toaster sitting on the table.

They believe the house was built in the mid 1800s and consider it to be the oldest house in downtown Muncie. But the most interesting part is that is was lady owned. Samuel Wilson purchased the house for his daughter Clara, who was married to Charles Moore. Being that there were no male descendants, the home was then passed down through the Moore-Youse family from mother to daughter. When Mary (Youse) Maxon died in 1982, she left the home and its contents to the Delaware County Historical Society.

The Moore-Youse Home is open 1:00 – 4:00 on the first Sunday of each month from March– November. But, if you’re like us and those days don’t work, you can call 765-282- 1550 to schedule an informal private tour. They can usually accommodate any schedule, as long as a volunteer is available. The cost is $2 a person, but additional donations are always welcome.

122 E Washington St

Visit Moore-Youse Home in Muncie

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