Returning for 2024: SPARK on the Circle Brings Culture and Energy Downtown

The city of Indianapolis is constantly changing and developing. The summer of 2023 brought SPARK on the Circle, a temporary park and pedestrian-only area, to Indy’s beloved Monument Circle. If you never got the chance to visit this oasis in the middle of the city, you’ll have another opportunity this year. SPARK on the Circle makes its triumphant return beginning in June.

Play or Relax on Monument Circle

SPARK on the Circle is the perfect blend of atmosphere, activities, and fun! This pop-up experience is located on Monument Circle in Downtown Indianapolis and boasts a variety of activities, including games, live music, events, and food available for purchase.

Spark on the Circle is a pop-up community space on Monument Circle.
This temporary park’s mission is to engage the community, energize public places with entertainment, and celebrate our culture in vibrant and meaningful shared spaces. SPARK provides many valuable ways to accomplish this goal, including games, music, art, and more. This space also cultivates opportunities for fellow members of the Indianapolis community to connect and meet.

Fun and Games for the Kids

Your family will love the variety of games available to enjoy when you visit SPARK on the Circle. There is something for everyone, including large building blocks, chess, Jenga, Foosball, Ping Pong, and Cornhole!

The space has ample seating, with various designated areas to sit down and relax. There are great Adirondack-style seats, plenty of tables with umbrellas for eating, and other seating sprinkled throughout.

Your little ones will love the faux grass surface for them to run around and play on. You won’t have to worry about them burning their feet on hot pavement with this turf set up throughout SPARK on the Circle. Speaking of warmth, enjoy an ice-cold beverage under the many shaded areas on hot days, and enjoy the live music while comfortably getting a break from the heat.

Spark on the Circle is a pop-up community space on Monument Circle.

Arts and Culture on the Circle

There are a variety of opportunities at the park for creative expression. Learn more about Brittany Fukushima, SPARK on the Circle artist in residence and local painter and teaching artist. Create a poem or haiku poetry—it might even be played over the SPARK loudspeaker! Enjoy live music performances throughout the week.

SPARK on the Circle is open daily from 11 am until dark and is totally free for the community to enjoy. However, “wheel” vehicles such as skateboards, bikes, and scooters are not allowed. However, you are welcome to use these items to arrive and push them throughout the space.

Come as you are and enjoy SPARK on the Circle this summer. The exact address is 40 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, but you can’t miss all of the excitement. This pop-up space encompasses a third of the circle! This cool downtown hangout won’t be around forever, though. SPARK on the Circle will close for the season in the fall.

Spark on the Circle is a pop-up community space on Monument Circle.

Future Changes for a More Pedestrian-Friendly Downtown

SPARK on the Circle is hoped to be just a small part of Indy’s transformation to become more pedestrian-friendly. Plans are underway to expand the park-like concept to Georgia Street.

The west block of Georgia Street, from Capital to Illinois, will be redeveloped into a car-free, pedestrian-only space for people to gather, work, and play in the city. The main highlights will include brand-new, wide sidewalks, with more space for businesses and for pedestrians to walk and enjoy downtown.

“Great cities are often defined by welcoming, safe public spaces, and with the help of collaborative partnerships and supportive stakeholders, residents and visitors alike will be able to experience Monument Circle, our city’s most iconic public space, as they never have before,” said Taylor Schaffer, the President and CEO of Downtown Indy, Inc.

The main goal of this redevelopment is to make downtown more connected and allow for fluid pedestrian travel. These beautiful gathering spaces will create a more unified environment for downtown tourism, sports, and businesses.

Shared Spaces Shape Communities

The concept photos released by the city showcase beautiful walking spaces for the public to enjoy, with seating, walk-up dining, walking paths, and more! “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of downtown. As we grow our skyline, at the ground level, we are creating safer streets and more vibrant public spaces,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett.

Spark on the Circle is a pop-up community space on Monument Circle.

We cannot wait to see this beautiful development take shape off Monument Circle. Your family will love the mini-park-style gathering space at SPARK on the Circle this summer. Grab a bite to eat, listen to music, and explore with your friends and loved ones in this family-friendly gathering space in Indianapolis.

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