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We want to share companies we love and we love Mosquito Warrior. This is a sponsored article and based on our own experience with this business.

Our home sits on an acre and a half of property near downtown Indy and my kids love to run and play on every square inch of our yard. Every spring and summer my son ends up with giant welts from hungry mosquitos. He’ll scratch them until they bleed and then pick at the wound until it settles as a scar of summer. That’s what we call them, summer scars. My three other children aren’t much better and I myself have spent many nights scratching bites, unable to sleep.

Not this summer!

Indianapolis Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito Warrior comes out to our home about every three weeks and treats our yard to reduce and often eliminate mosquitos. They use environmental, pet, and family friendly products, while strictly following label guidelines. The Mosquito Warrior technicians are friendly and informative, taking special care in our garden areas. When the “mosquito buster guy” (that’s what my kids call the Mosquito Warrior Team members) arrive, we stay inside and watch from the window as the treatment is applied throughout our yard. After it has had time to dry, we return to playing in the yard.

Backyard Mosquito Control

If you’re like me, you want to enjoy your backyard, especially with all of the extra time spent playing at home. There’s no reason to be held captive by pesky mosquitos.

We have been using Mosquito Warrior services for a couple of months and we will continue for the whole season. I recommend Mosquito Warrior for their affordable treatments, environmentally friendly applications and friendly technicians.

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