Mud Day Packing List

What to Wear to Mud Day

Old clothes

Shoes: they might get swallowed up in the mud, choose wisely. I recommend a sandal with an amazing latch, like these ones from Amazon

Sunglasses or some other sort of eye protection

What to Bring to Mud Day

Food: Eh. Eat before you get muddy. Or when you get home. EVERYTHING will have that muddy, gritty texture that we all love.

Water: yes. I recommend disposable water bottles for this one. And I rarely recommend throw away water bottles. Also, extra water to wipe any mud out of eyes/off faces.

Wash clothes: to wipe mud off of faces during the day

Camera/phone: yes, but please protect that baby. I use this waterproof, clear pouch.

Toys: if you have little ones, bring a bucket and shovel, but if it gets sucked up by the mud monster, don’t worry.

What to Bring for the End of Mud Day

Old towels

Trash bags for anything muddy that gets removed, or for the floor of your car

A giant blanket to cover the backseat of your car where the kids sit

Don’t forget about something for the front seat…face it mom and dad, you’re getting muddy too!

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