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My friend Michelle has kids at that age where self care becomes possible again. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Right now, with four kids under the age of seven, my idea of self care is getting to go to the bathroom…it doesn’t even matter if the door is open or closed, I just want 35 seconds to go. Or, a shower. I don’t care if the baby is peaking in and pulling the curtain back and forth, I just want to scrub Playdoh from under my nails and other people’s boogers out of my hair.

But Michelle, she’s doing it right. She showers and then she finds places to relax; massages, hair appointments, nails, whatever. I forgive Michelle, she’s been on my side of “self care” for many years — she was wiping other people’s tushies back when I was living it up with perfectly manicured fingers holding speckled margarita glasses. I also forgive Michelle because she invited me (and Casey and Shireen) along, and this time I said, “Yes!”

Do I want to pay $35 to go take a nap for 45 minutes.


In a salt cave?

I don’t know what that is, but you had me at “nap.”

Salt Caves are sweeping the nation and people feel a lot better after hanging out in one for 45 minutes and being administered halotherapy (the inhalation of dry salt aerosol.)

Pharmaceutical grade salt is crushed into micron-sized particles and then released into a cave or room. The particles are 1 to 10 micrometers (smaller than particles of dust) and I didn’t even notice it happening. At the end, I had a slight taste of salt on my lips, but that is all. My friends felt a little “crunchy” like they’d spent time at the ocean.

There are several places in Indianapolis where you can get a salt cave experience, there are even Groupon deals available. Our group of four checked out Indianapolis Salt Cave and Halotherapy Center. It’s an old firehouse turned spa/wellness center. It’s gorgeous!

What Should I Expect in a Salt Cave?

Arrive a few minutes before your appointment, sign a waiver, pay, put on shoe covers. You’ll be taken back to the cave where you’ll walk on a floor of salt. The cave really does look and feel like a cave. Your host will share a little bit about the history of halotherapy or salt therapy, ask you to turn off your phones and remain quiet during the salt nap. You’ll relax in one of those gravity patio chairs that you lay back in and then your time starts. We were provided a blanket and I’m so glad! It got a little chilly towards the end of my nap.

Why a Salt Cave?

We were told that when people used to work in salt mines, they never got sick and it was thought to be because the salt particles that they were inhaling kept them healthy by reducing the mucus in their lungs. Some parents who have children with chronic illnesses use salt therapy to improve respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion and COPD.

Family Sessions at a Salt Cave

If your child might benefit from a visit to a salt cave, many places will accommodate you. The Indianapolis Salt Cave has toys for the kids to play with in the salt (it’s like digging in pebbles or sand) and if you let them know that you’ll be bringing you child(ren), they’ll book the cave just for your family. Children under nine years of age are free. During your family session, you won’t be expected to be quiet.

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