NFL Cakes and Football Activities for Kids and Families

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With NFL kick-off this Sunday, I stopped by Fox59 to demonstrate some family-friendly ways to get your own team ready to celebrate the Colts season kick-off.

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Step One: Pick up your officially licensed NFL game-day cake and/or cupcakes, along with the rest of your kick-off party needs at your local Meijer grocery store. Did you know that you can get everything you need in one place? Plus, Meijer carries actual licensed Colts cupcakes and cakes! Leave it to the experts at Meijer and let them craft you the perfect celebratory cake to show off your team pride! You can choose one large cake or a set of cupcakes to make a splash and top of the big day with a sweet surprise for your family and your guests.

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Step Two: Gather your kiddos together and grab those old mason jars out of the basement. You can paint your mason jars in a variety of different ways to support the football theme and get you ready for game-day. I used spray paint on the inside of the jar to get the color I wanted and then used a paint brush to decorate the outside of the jar. Then I used the jars to hold straws, silverware and flowers.

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Step Three: Create your own football bingo board (or download ours), decked out with your favorite team colors and logos. Before game-day commences, hand out the bingo cards to everyone in your family along with corresponding and color coded candy to use as the bingo markers. You can download our printable Football Bingo cards here to use this weekend! I used the new Mint M&M’s from Meijer as game board markers.

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Step Four: Create a snack stadium. Gather your family’s favorite snacks and dig through the recycling bin for those old soda boxes. You’re sure to impress your guests and your entire house.

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