If you are looking for boating, swimming and a dry heat, Lake Havasu City is your place!

Out of State Arizona: Lake Havasu City & The London Bridge

This week we spent several days in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Our family loves to come here and we are fortunate enough to have a house in Havasu that we can enjoy year round.

If you are looking for boating, swimming and a dry heat, LHC is your place! This was our first time at Lake Havasu since we welcomed Lulu into our family so we had a good time exploring new things to do that would include children. Innertubing and other water sports are always a big hit.
It is so hot in Havasu that the only way you’ll be able to tolerate the outdoors is to be in the water. If you are anything like us and you don’t have a boat and you used up all of your money just to get out west, don’t worry, you won’t be left out. Visit the beautiful London Bridge Beach where you’ll find a dog park (inlcuding a dog spray area – did I mention it’s hot?), several shadded children’s play places and a sand beach with a shoreline that is well kept and cared for regularly. From the water you’ll still see and hear all of the boats and seadoos hot dogging under the London Bridge down the channel.

What?! The London Bridge? Yes! In 1968 the London Bridge (the actual one from London) was sold to Missiourian Robert P. McCulloch of McCulloch Oil for just under $2.5. It was moved from the River Thames in London and brought over to Lake Havasu City and erected for all to see and enjoy! If you look close enough, you’ll see numbers imprinted on each brick that made it easy to put back together properly. In the area nearest the London Bridge, you’ll find opportunities to rent water toys, check out little shops AND have a famous snow cone.

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