What Are Your Wow Colors? | Personal Color Analysis {Coupon Code}

I get to hang out with some super fashionable and stylish people, and not at all because I am one of those types. Sometimes, when I walk into a room, one of my best friends will walk up to me, tuck a few things in, untuck an item, remove an accessory or adjust a strap. They don’t do this because they’re being rude, I’m just open to being my best self, and let those who can help do their thing!

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When I tell people I had “my colors done,” the first thing that someone talks about is eyeshadow and lip color. Yes, this is all a part of living within your perfect color palette, but it’s so much more than just the makeup on my face. It’s about making it easier to shop for clothes that look good with my skin and hair and bring out my natural beauty. It’s about finding things that compliment my looks, not competing with or dulling my sparkle.

I’m a Light Summer.

I met with Stephanie Grabow from Stephanie Grabow Style and had a personal color analysis. While this service can be seen as a luxury, it can also be seen as an investment in looking and feeling good. Color analysis can even save you from wasting money on things that you won’t end up wearing or feeling good in. It was an easy, relaxing, and calm experience — I recommend it to all of you! I even have a $50 off discount code that’s applicable through May 31, 2022. Use the code Katy50 to save $50 on your Personal Color Analysis appointment.

Before my color analysis, I had never paid attention to what different colors did to my skin, my eyes, my teeth, and my hair. I didn’t notice why I wore some colors more often than others. Unlike some of my friends who went for their color analysis, I’m not afraid of wearing color, I do love wearing black, but I also LOVE pink and blue, and red.

Stephanie Grabow welcomed me with a drink and a pretty snack. Her studio was welcoming and a wonderful setting for color analysis. After a brief chat, I sat in front of a mirror with special full-spectrum lighting and Stephanie dropped me with a neutral smock and covered up my hair with a wrap. For the next 90 minutes or so, Stephanie draped me in different colors and shades of fabric swaths. Using her trained eye, she determined which of the color palettes best suited me.

When I wrapped up my experience, Stephanie handed me a zippered pouch with color swatches that fall within the Light Summer palette of colors. I can take this along with me on shopping trips to find the shades that best compliment my looks.

I loved this experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to look their best in their own skin. This would be a fantastic gifted experience for a bride, a college graduate, someone getting ready to start a new job, or for that person who just seems to have everything. Recently, I was at the IRT, watching Steel Magnolias and one of the characters goes to the city to have her colors done. It’s a fun plot in the storyline and you could tell that the audience members had never heard of such a thing.

Book your own session through Stephanie Grabow Style. Email: stephanie@stephaniegrabowstyle.com – Use the code Katy50 to save $50 on your Personal Color Analysis appointment. The code is valid through May 31, 2022.

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