Piney Acres Tree Farm is a Beautiful Christmas Family Adventure

The first time we ever cut down our own Christmas tree at an Indiana Christmas tree farm, our little family of three made the trip to Piney Acres Tree Farm. This farm in Fortville is only about a 35-minute drive from Broad Ripple — not bad at all!

Piney Acres Tree Farm opens for the 2023 holiday season on November 18.

Where to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Once upon a time, I didn’t know cutting down your own tree was something you could really do in Indiana! Growing up, my family didn’t do this and I only saw it in the movies. I had no idea it was a REAL thing, but you really can cut down your Christmas tree!

Visit Piney Acres Tree Farm This Christmas Season

When you arrive at Piney Acres, you’ll likely stand in a short line to get a ticket for each person in your party. Save this for later, you’ll need it. Then head outside to get on a wagon to select your Christmas tree. Santa makes frequent visits to the farm, so depending on the day and age of your kids, a visit with St. Nick may be in order before you head to the field. This year, Santa is scheduled to be at Piney Acres Tree Farm on the day after Thanksgiving, as well as every Saturday and Sunday leading up to Christmas, from 12-4 pm.

When you board the wagon, let the driver know which field you want to visit based on the type and size of the tree you’re interested in. Tree varieties and prices are available on the Piney Acres website. When you disembark, you’ll be given a saw to use. That’s when the search for the perfect tree begins. And I do mean perfect!

Visit Piney Acres Tree Farm in Fortville to cut your own Christmas tree.

Cutting Down Your Own Christmas Tree

Once you find your tree (clouds will open, the sun will pour out, and angels will sing — seriously), then cut that little guy down (not difficult at all — especially if you have someone else do it while you direct) and then drag him out to the trail and wait for the wagon to come back for you. After a short wait, the wagon will arrive, and the tree will be measured, tagged, and then (gently) tossed into the back of the wagon.

When you return to the lodge, take your tickets inside where you’ll each be given a bag of popcorn and hot cocoa for FREE. Take your time, snack a little, and relax. Meanwhile, your tree is being prepared to go home with you. While you wait, there are other snacks and concession items for sale and a farm store with toys, wreaths, decorations, local food products, and more!

While you wait, your tree will be shaken to remove any dead needles, trimmed to remove ugly limbs, netted, and then tied down to the top of your car. Piney Acres is full service, you don’t have to do any of this! The awesome staff at Piney Acres will take good care of you and your tree.

Claim Your Tree Early

Do you have a specific size and type of tree in mind for your holiday decor? Piney Acres Tree Farm opens for the pre-tagging of trees during the fall season. Be one of the first to hunt through the field for your showstopping Christmas centerpiece. Add a label to your selection and come back after the farm opens for the holiday season to cut your tree and bring it home.

Piney Acres Farm Location

Piney Acres Tree Farm is located at 1115 E. 1000 North, Fortville, IN 46040. You can reach them by phone at 317.326.1700.

When is Piney Acres Farm Open?

Opening Day: November 18, 2023
Sunday – Friday: Noon – 7:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am-7:00 pm.
Last entry for U-cut is at 6:30 pm

Fall Fun at Piney Acres Farm

We love visiting Piney Acres during the fall months for fun at the Piney Acres Pumpkin Patch. For those looking for a scare, they even have a haunted house during the month of October.

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