9 Reasons Prime Car Wash is the Best Indianapolis Car Wash

Prime Car Wash is a premium car wash service with six central Indiana locations (and growing). Our family has been a member of Prime Car Wash since 2018 and we love it! Here’s why Prime Car Wash is the go-to car wash for Indianapolis area families.

Disclosure: Prime Car Wash is an Indy with Kids partner. We love clean cars and we love Prime, so we asked if they’d partner with us so we can share their awesome business with local families.

Top of the Line Car Wash Equipment and Products

Prime Car Wash is known for its state-of-the-art facilities. They have invested heavily in high-quality equipment and technology to be sure everyone has the car washing experience.

The car wash tunnel just looks different from the typical dirty, dingy car wash tunnel you’ll encounter at other places. There’s clean equipment, pretty lights, and colorful soaps and cleansers. The covered bay garage is also very clean and stocked with the highest quality products and cleaning equipment.

Welcoming Lobby

In addition to their car washing tunnel and facilities being clean, the lobby waiting area is very clean and inviting. It’s spacious, and well-maintained, so customers can relax while waiting for their vehicle. There’s free wifi, tabletop work areas, and comfortable seating. There are even snacks available for purchase.

The Extras are Free for Unlimited Members

Each location has its own appeal to the local community. Unlimited members get free slushies at the brand-new Prime Car Wash in Westfield. The other locations, like the one we frequent on Michigan Road, have free Starbucks coffee and hot cocoa. My kids LOVE when we go to Prime Car Wash.

Car Detailing AND Mobile Detailing

The first time I went to Prime was so that I could get my car detailed. It was a gift to myself to get all of the road trip grime and sports equipment grunge and fast food ick out. There’s a discount on detailing if you’re a member. Sold. Now I have a clean car (almost) every day.

Prime Car Wash also offers a mobile detailing service that will come to your home or work and clean your car inside and out. This service has been so amazing that I can stay at home with my kids and not have to wait anywhere or leave my car and come back later. It’s fantastic!

Flex Service Car Wash

There are many car wash options at Prime Car Wash — everything from detailing to full-service car washes to a quick exterior wash. We have the Unlimited membership with Interior, but sometimes I just want the quick service of my car to look clean on the outside without having to wait for the inside to be vacuumed out and cleaned. I decide if I want full-service interior and exterior cleaning or just exterior.

If you visit the Prime Car Wash in Fishers or Avon, there are free vacuums available for you to use after your exterior wash. It’s great for anyone who just purchases an exterior wash OR for those of us with quite a few goldfish crackers settled into the carpet. Oh, the shame!

Kids Love Prime Car Wash Too!

Not only do my kids really, really like the sensory experience of going through the car wash tunnel, but they also really like the lobby area. In addition to the free slushies (Westfield only, at this time) and hot cocoa, there’s a fun dry-erase coloring wall just for them.

Unlimited Monthly Memberships Start at $20

During the pandemic, one of our favorite outings was to go to the car wash. Hey, we all had our things, right? It was something to do, it got us out of the house and it was contact-free. We did this several times a week thanks to our Unlimited Prime Membership. Oh, and there’s no contract, you can cancel anytime.

These days, we visit Prime Car Wash a couple of days a week because of all of the soccer field dirt and baseball field dust that ends up in and on the car.

Free Prime Car Wash Mobile App

Download the free Prime Car Wash mobile app and earn rewards and free washes just for being a part of the Prime Car Wash Loyalty Club.

Special Events for the Whole Family

I don’t know if you saw our Instagram account or our tv segment on Indy Now during Halloween, but Prime Car Wash had a Haunted Car Wash and it was amazing! My kids had so much fun, they were spooked a bit but mostly full of giggles and laughter once they caught on. I was happy because my car was clean! They begged us to return another night.

Recently, Prime hosted a plethora of princesses at their locations in Indiana. Car wash guests were treated to a visit and photo opportunity with the famous sisters from Frozen. Stay tuned for other awesome themed events for friends and members of Prime Car Wash.

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