Pumpkin Tasting Activity | Ideas for Indianapolis Family Fun

When I stopped into Trader Joe’s, I was shocked at how many items they had in the store that were made with pumpkin. The last time my kids ate pumpkin was from a baby food jar. I thought it would be fun to take them with me to pick out a few items to sample at home. I wondered what they would think about the taste of pumpkin.

I was THRILLED with the results. You can watch our adventure on Youtube and then you should go have your own adventure.

1. Set limits with your budget or with # of items. Our budget was $35 but we came in under budget just by allowing each child to select 2 items (+ I picked a couple).
2. Let the kids grab one of the kid carts and push it around the store to select their own items.
3. Look around for the hidden Trader Joe’s stuffed animal. At our store, it’s Lucy the Lemur.
4. Stop in the back to sample the food of the day.
5. If you can, work in some savory and main course items so you can just have pumpkin as your meal. We like the soup.
6. Don’t forget to start out by checking out the many varieties of pumpkins available for sale.
7. Have fun!

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