A small stop on our family road trip.

Road Trip: Pez Factory in Orange Connecticut

During the summer, we packed our two year old and brand new baby into our car and set out on a two week road trip from Indiana to the East Coast and back. Here are some of our adventures. While in Connecticut I was reminded of all of the hours I spent reading every single book of the Babysitters Club, Connecticut is where the book took place. Also in Connecticut, the coxswain of my college rowing team. I HAD to stop in to see my old friend and her wonderful family!

This weekend while I was in Dallas, Texas, I met someone from Connecticut. I told her all about our trip to Connecticut last summer and how we stopped at the Pez Factory (35 Prindle Hill Road, Orange, CT). She had no idea what I was talking about! I was shocked.

The Pez factory is a small place with GIANT Pez’ and it was a really cool thing to see! It was more like a museum of all things Pez, a store and then you could watch some of the packaging going on in the factory. There was also a demonstration of Pez making. Lulu really enjoyed herself and of course Jay and I really loved looking back at some of the Pez dispensers of our childhood.

The tour is self guided. On weekends and holidays you will not see anything going on in the production/factory area so your best bet is to visit on a weekday. Kids can make video postcards and for $7 you can fill a souvenir tin with a VERY large variety of Pez candies! I had no idea that most of the flavours existed!

Admission is free for kids under 3, $4 for kids up to age 12 and $5 for adults (+tax). Don’t worry! You get a $2 credit for the store when you purchase admission! Yum! Hours are seasonal and are subject to change at any time but at this time they are Monday – Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm & Sunday: 12:00 – 5:00pm.

There’s a Pez for everyone. Seriously. There is.



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