SpringHill Christian Summer Camp | The Intersection of Fun and Faith!

SpringHill Christian Summer Camp

Pilgrimage of Faith and Fun Unfolds at SpringHill

SpringHill has been creating life-impacting experiences since 1969! Campers embark on a journey of fun and adventure as they explore over 800 acres of open spaces, woodlands, and a private lake in Seymour, Indiana. Your child can conquer fears on the climbing wall, feel the thrill of flying on zipline courses, and celebrate friendships on the party barge.

SpringHill Christian Summer Camp

SpringHill’s overnight summer camp follows a carefully designed schedule that encourages spiritual growth by weaving Christ into everything we do. Highly trained and caring counselors know how to nurture both shy and outgoing campers as they learn to trust and rely on one another and God.

SpringHill Christian Summer Camp Family a boy playing in foam and bubbles

SpringHill provides innovative programs that include campers from all walks of life and all skill levels. Camps are available for everyone in the family–from elementary to high school, and even a family camp!  Most of the activities can accommodate children with physical limitations and one-on-one staffing is available for campers who need extra assistance during their camp experience.

SpringHill Christian Summer Camp For campers with all abilities

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SpringHill Family Camp

June 1-4, June 4-7, June 8-11, June 11-14, June 15-18, June 18-21

SpringHill Christian Summer Camp Family Overnight CampThe four-day Family Camp experience will bring you and your family faith-based fun, helping everyone grow together in Jesus. Perfect for families with children ages 3-12, it was designed to equip and encourage parents and caregivers to lead the spiritual development of their children.

SpringHill Summer Camp - It's the best week of summer camp

During Family Camp, families share stories, pray, and have open and honest dialogues about life and faith. This experience provides parents and caregivers with new spiritual understandings and practices that easily transfer to their homes and daily family life.

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SpringHill Overnight Camps for Grades 1-12

June 2-7, June 9-14, June 16-21, June 23-28

SpringHill offers four different, six-day overnight camps for kids in grades 1-12.  Groups are based on the grade your child has just completed. Whether they’re moving on from 6th or 9th grade, the choice of camp is yours to make, ensuring a perfect fit for their next adventure!

Explore: Grades 1-3

Explore is for campers:

  • Entering 1 to 3rd grades.
  • Who enjoys fun and games that facilitate friendships.
  • Likes to learn about God through everyday experiences.
  • Is willing to try new things like climbing walls, ropes courses, water sports, and crafts.

SpringHill Christian Summer Camp two girls with facepaint

Ignite: Grades 4-6

Ignite is for campers:

  • Entering 4 to 6th grades.
  • Who delights in new experiences, taking on challenges, and making friends.
  • Has the desire to know God in a more meaningful way.
  • Looks forward to joining in adventures like ziplining, archery, water sports, and crafts.

Engage: Grades 6-9

Engage is for campers:

  • Completed 6 to 9th grades.
  • Who enjoys inter-cabin competitions that are messy and crazy!
  • Is willing to take time to reflect and connect with God and others.
  • Engages in outdoor activities that connect you with nature, such as water sports, high adventure, crafts, and target shooting.

Teen Service Team: Grades 9-12

Teen Service Team is for campers:

  • Entering 9 to 12th grades.
  • Who want to serve others and find spiritual meaning in everyday events and activities.
  • Has a desire to worship God through music, skits, and meaningful discussions.
  • Enjoys participating in high adventure activities, water sports, crafts, and target games.

SpringHill Christian Summer Camp paddle boarding on the lake

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Five Reasons to love SpringHill Summer CampFinancial Aid to SpringHill Summer Camp

Every child should be able to experience Christ through camp, regardless of socio-economic conditions. Due to generous donations, SpringHill Christian Camp can offer partial scholarships based on financial need. Applications are considered on a first-come-first-serve basis.


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