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sisterhood of the traveling pink sweater indy with kids

When I was a kid, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t really know what that meant and I also don’t really remember my mom or dad explaining it to me, but at some point, some type of comprehension must have become woven into my life.

I remember some of the ups and downs reported to me by my mom. I remember the fear, I remember the disappointment, the brief times of joy and hope, and I remember wishing grandma could be at my wedding – she was too vulnerable during treatment to risk being around so many people.

The last time I saw my grandma, we sat together at the pool at my aunt’s house. “Don’t come when I die. It’s more important that you are here now” she said to me.

Are you afraid?

“I’m very afraid.” she coughed.

I’m afraid too. I’m afraid what could happen to my own mother, to me or to my beautiful children if or when this disease strikes my family again. I’m afraid of what could happen to my friends and their children if we don’t find a cure. I don’t want my children to know ANYTHING about this disease. I don’t want it to touch their lives in any way. I don’t want it to be a reality to them.

I’m also thankful. I’m thankful for beautiful people who devote their lives to finding a cure, who donate to research and who celebrate the victories of survivors and the lives of those who lost the fight.

This vintage pink sweater carries a message of hope and a message of encouragement – donate if you can. Any amount helps and it’s true! The Pink Ribbon Connection is a local organization that helps provide information and resources to those living in Central Indiana who’s lives have been touched by breast cancer. Will you share the message of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Sweater and donate today?

The Pink Sweater will land with another local writer soon! Stay tuned and I’ll tell you who will have the next opportunity to style the sweater!

* I chose to have Lulu in the sweater at the Indiana State Fair because I want her memories to be full of fun times, carefree times and joy. I know that we can’t protect and guard our kids from all bad things, from all tragedy, but lets try to protect them from some things by getting rid of breast cancer!


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