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Flowing Well Park Artesian Well Drinking WaterMy husband is a water snob. When it comes to bottled water, it has to be a certain brand and a certain type or he can’t (won’t) drink it. Tap water isn’t his thing and when we travel, he brings along his own water. We love showing our kids where things come from – farm visits, growing a garden, picking from an orchard. When we stopped by Flowing Well Park in Carmel, we got to show them and talk about where water comes from.

Flowing Well Park is named after a flowing well that flows with about 15 gallons of water per minute. It was discovered in the 1800’s and when you visit, you’ll run across family after family that comes to take advantage of the free water. Children alongside their parents fill gallon and five gallon bottles, hikers fill up their water bottles as they depart for a short hike in the park*.

creek stomping flowing well park carmel indianaOur family is always looking for more ways to keep cool when it’s hot outside. Flowing Well Park has cold drinking water, wetlands, fishing and a creek for splashing around in.

* While everyone seemed to be enjoying the water straight from the well, Carmel Parks and Recreation has a sign posted that recommends the water be boiled before consumption.

5100 E 116th St

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