The Top 10 Things You Need About a Travel Sports League

  1. Travel sports teams can be pricey.Every team has a different price but don’t expect it to only be $100 like a recreational sport. The price to be on the travel team can be anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars. Yes I said thousands. Contact each team individually to find out exact price.
  2. Travel teams will take up a lot of you and your child’s time.Most travel leagues consist of more games and practices than recreational leagues. The games can often be tournaments, which can start on Friday night and end on Sunday, depending on your teams’ wins and losses. Practices are no longer just once a week. Most teams will meet at least 2- if not 3-times a week.
  3. Travel sports can take up a lot of your family’s time.Siblings will probably either hate the sport their sister or brother is playing or refuse to come at all. If your relatives want to see you on the weekend then they’ll either have to come to the game, or plan their time with you around the sport.
  4. If your child doesn’t play travel sports, your child’s skills in that sport will fall behind the other kids who are playing a travel sport.It’s unfortunate but true. If you compare an average child who stayed in recreational sports to an average child who plays in travel sports then the child who plays on a travel league will usually play better. More practices and more games usually equals improvements.
  5. If your child doesn’t play travel sports growing up, then they might not make the middle or high school team.This can completely depend on where you live. In a smaller area, they might have more of a chance because there is typically less competition to make the team. If your child goes to a larger school then most kids who make the team and excel grew up playing in a travel league. Of course, there are exceptions but it is generally true.
  6. Your child can get burned out on the sport quickly. Or injured frequently.When your child plays a lot games and practices a lot for so many years you do run the risk of them getting sick of the sport. It’s no longer playing ‘just for fun.’ You’re playing lots of games to win. More games and practice equals more injuries as well. Often times the child will play through the injuries for whatever reason.
  7. Your child should LOVE this sport.There will be so many games and practices that if they don’t LOVE the sport then playing on a travel team probably isn’t for them.
  8. The parents of the other players will be your best friends for the next 9 months.You will be around the other players’ parents a lot! All of that game watching will be so much more enjoyable if you have some friends to watch them with. If you don’t know anyone yet then make an effort to know them. There’s bound to be some parents that you enjoy being around. Often great friendships are formed not only for the players but for the adults as well.
  9. You actually do have control of when your child plays.Travel leagues and coaches often want to take up every evening and weekend that your child is available. If you have prior commitments or need family time or a vacation then you can absolutely stand firm that your child will miss a game or practice. Your child might get less playing time during the next game, but don’t feel like you have to completely have everyone’s lives revolve around the travel team.
  10. Travel sports can be pricey.Yes this deserves two mentions. With travel sports you are not only paying to be on the team but you typically have to pay entrance or gate fees to the game/tournaments. You also might be expected to get your player a private lesson so the team can stay competitive.

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