Ultimate Ninjas Indianapolis

Ultimate Ninjas Indianapolis

If your kids are anything like mine, they seem to always be training for a spot on the NBC show American Ninja Warrior. Bouncing off the furniture and scaling the playground is great fun for them but having a gym modeled after the TV show where kids can train alongside ninja contenders is even better.

Located in Noblesville at the Hamilton County Sports Complex, Ultimate Ninjas is a 10,000 square foot obstacle course racing gym designed and managed by the country’s premier ninja franchise with 9 locations throughout the country.

Get ready Indianapolis, we’re about to experience a whole new level of Ninja Warrior training!

Ultimate Ninjas Classes for Kids

Kids who enjoy being competitive and challenging themselves will thrive at the Ultimate Ninja gym. The entire set up is a huge obstacle course where they can learn new obstacles and challenge themselves. The courses are a huge boost to self confidence, self esteem and strength all while having fun!

Kids can compete against themselves in challenges exactly like the TV show, American Ninja Warrior. Weekly classes are broken up into age groups and are scheduled week nights. Earlier hours are available on weekends.  Monthly time trials can measure overall improvement in your ninja warrior. Curriculum also includes an “Elite Team” division for kids that desire a higher level of training for competition.

Lastly, Lil Ninjas (ages 3-5) is an excellent way for kids to develop coordination and build strength through balance, hanging, jumping, and climbing, all while instilling confidence in a safe and fun environment. This program introduces the children to obstacles and teaches them different techniques and skill sets to carry with them as they get older. From 50-minute structured classes to open gyms where kids can create their own obstacle courses, Ultimate Ninjas is the place for littles to be!

Things to Know about Ultimate Ninjas Classes

Age Groups: Preschool (ages 3-5 years), Beginner (ages 6-10 years), Intermediate (ages 9-12 years), and Advanced 12 years+)

Structure: Classes are 55 min long and include a warm up, course coaching, working on endurance and free play time.

Curriculum: All classes are created by Manager of Course Operations, Brian Parache and all coaches have extensive experience in obstacle training, and courses change weekly to keep kids engaged and working different muscle groups. Parache competed on American Ninja Warrior in Season 11.

Ultimate Ninjas Open Gym

If weekly classes are not your thing or if you’re not quite sure of your kid’s abilities, the Ultimate Ninjas Indianapolis offers open gym time. Come in and test your natural ability on their Ninja Warrior obstacle course. Kids as young as five will enjoy testing their agility and strength on the many authentic American Ninja Warrior obstacles.

Things to Know about Ultimate Ninja Open Gym

Admission: Guests must be age 5+ and have a signed waiver on file. Open Play can be purchased from the Ultimate Ninja’s website.

Shoes: Close-toed shoes are required–No sandals, flip-flops, etc.

Capacity: Maximum of 80 participants are allowed on the course at one time.

Birthday Parties for Ultimate Ninjas

Ultimate Ninjas offers high-energy fun for everyone! All birthday parties include access to your own decorated party room including all the essentials–water, napkins, cups, and utensils and 80 minutes of full access to the obstacle courses, climbing wall, warped walls, and dodge ball court for all of your guests.

Ultimate Ninjas has party packages for all ages! Adults and children under 4 are allowed to participate as long as they have a waiver on file. For extra fun, add a “challenge package option” to your party at no additional cost. Choose from ninja vs. ninja challenges, timed course runs, obstacle specific challenges, or Ultimate Ninjas leaderboard challenges. The obstacle challenges and structure tailored to your ninja skills and size. Catered pizza is offered at an additional cost to make the day more enjoyable for everyone, including parents!

These parties are not only great for the special kiddo in your life but for business or sport team building fun. Imagine your daughter’s soccer team bonding over the warp wall experience or your annual office’s team meeting over the cushioned mats up the rock wall.

Camps at Ultimate Ninja

Ultimate Ninjas Camps are offered throughout the summer, over school breaks, and sometimes on days when school is out for holidays–think Martin Luther King Day or Presidents’ Day. Keep your kids active, learning how to tackle obstacles, one-by-one. At the end of camp, each camper has a chance to run the entire obstacle course with their coach!

Things to Know about Ultimate Ninja Camps

Duration: Half- and full-day camps available.

Ages: Campers must be between 6-14 years old to participate. Kids are grouped together by age and rotate through the obstacles with a coach.

Daily Schedule: After learning how to tackle the obstacles, campers have time for open play.  so they can pick their favorites and spend extra time on the obstacles they want to master or just enjoy! Bonus: At the end of camp all kids will get a chance to run through the course with their coaches just like you see on the show!

Adult Fitness at Ultimate Ninjas: ULTIFIT

Adults can get in on their own action with the added ULTIFit group fitness classes. ULTIFIT is a revolutionary fitness program that combines the most effective principals of high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) and adds an optional obstacle course training for huge results.

Everyone from the advanced athlete to the novice will benefit from the ULTIFIT classes. The coaches and community that you encounter make achieving your goals fun and enjoyable—and you will never experience the same class twice! What a great way to work all your muscles and challenge yourself. The daily workouts are designed by dedicated coaches who will guide you beyond what you thought was possible.  All fitness levels welcome!

Adults will leave class feeling encouraged, inspired and empowered. Ultimate Ninja is offering a free trial class so adults can fully experience the ULTIFIT way.

Ultimate Ninjas has something for everyone. Head to their brand new gym in Noblesville and test your skills, endurance, and abilities!


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