My favorite bookstore is Half Price books. My second favorite bookstore is Barnes and Noble. I was so happy when they expanded their stores and placed one on the Southside where we spend a lot of our time.

As you can probably tell by many of our favorite activities, story time is very important in our home. We also like to participate in story time outside of our home. Sometimes having someone else read the book makes spending time with your child so much better. While I will say that the story time at Barnes and Noble pales in comparison to our library story time, it was a lot of fun!

We joined about 15 other children at the stage in the Children’s book section. There were small chairs and benches for the kids as well as tiny tables and chairs. An employee read two short stories to the children and then the kids all participated in an activity which happened to be coloring sheets when we went. Afterwards, there were cookies for everyone!

And then we bought three new books…

While we were there, Lulu became a member of the FREE Kids’ Club. After we signed up, we received an email with a 30% of coupon. Some of the other perks include: a $5 reward for every $100 spent on kids stuff, a free cupcake and digital book created by your child for their birthday and a newsletter with more savings each month!

Check out the Barnes and Noble website for more information about events at the store nearest you.