white castle vday

white castle valentinesWe’ve done it as a family for three years now. I think that makes it a tradition, right?

Every year my friends and I mocked the signs that are outside of White Castle, “Valentine’s Day. Make your dinner reservations.” and are followed by the restaurant phone number. Now, my friends mock ME every year.

A while back my sister in law actually called the number. And went. On a double date. They had a great time, took some fun photos and have the best stories. And they spent about 6 bucks per person.white castle vday rtv6

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the people you love? Want to save money and have good stories to tell? Good stories make you interesting, believe me! Call the number for your local White Castle, book a time and have fun!

You’ll typically walk into the dining room and it will be decorated; there might be candles, table cloths, napkins, centerpieces, flowers, printed paper menus (with a coupon on the back). It’s a different experience from store to store. You’ll only be allowed to sit in the dining room if you have reservations. There will be a staff member to wait on white castle twitteryou and you’ll be treated very special. I promise!

To make reservations in Indianapolis for your family, call 317.269.4590 Monday-Friday.


I was not paid to tell you about this event, nor were any of my purchases complimentary. All costs were out of pocket.