Lucky for me, cheap got a makeover when it was renamed “frugal”. Last year my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with the new love of our life, Lulu. It was her first Valentine’s Day and we knew we didn’t have to spend a lot of money, buy expensive gifts, eat rich food. We just wanted to be together. So, we joined other members of our family that have made White Castle a Valentine’s dinner tradition.

I highly recommend this fine establishment as a destination for your family on Valentine’s night. Chances are there is one near you! Don’t think you won’t have to make reservations, this fancy evening is reservation only! Hours are from 5pm-8pm. You will get free dessert too!

When we entered we found the place decorated with pink and red streamers, (paper and plastic) linens on the table, balloons, candlelight, printed paper menus, wrapped (pink) plastic silverware, fresh flowers and a waitress that took our order at the table and refilled our drinks! We had such a great time and we took a ton of photos! It was the PERFECT first Valentine’s Day for our little love bug!

To make reservations in Indianapolis for your family, call 317.269.4590 Monday-Friday.