9 Businesses Indianapolis Parents Want in Indy

I have this pet peeve about people who see something cool and whine about how they wish it was on their side of town. Today, I’m going to join you and share some really cool businesses that I’ve come in contact with. The bad news? They aren’t here in Indy. If I’m wrong about any of them, or one pops up, please let me know!

If you’re an entrepreneur, check out this list, you might find some ideas that you could make happen!

Head Lice Removal Salons

The dreaded call comes from the school, someone in your child’s class has head lice…and it’s your kid. Oh the agony. As if it isn’t terrible enough that there are blood sucking, egg laying insects living on your kiddo’s head, you have to REMOVE THEIR CARCASSES after you kill them. I just threw up a little.

There’s a service, a salon, that you take your child’s scalp to and someone will remove the bugs and eggs for you! Some challenges are just a rite of passage in the parenting world, this isn’t one of them. If we ever have lice in our house, this will be worth every.single.dollar. And then some.

UPDATE: We’ve heard rumors that we have one of these in Indy now!

Co-Working Space with Childcare

Other cities have it and we want it! Co-working space WITH childcare. We want a space that offers workspace for remote workers and pay-as-you-go, drop in childcare options in the same building. We want space that allows for “family co-working”, where mom or dad can work while their infant is with them. When do we want it? Now of course.

A DIY Cake Decorating Studio

I know you’ve seen it on reality shows, a sweet little cake shop but people aren’t eating the cakes, they’re making them! Kids and adults alike head in for a session that’s a little like a paint your own pottery experience, but with cake. Amateurs are creating artfully delicious creations and we want one! If the Real Housewives get to do it, I want to do it…and so do you!

An Uber-like Service For Kids

You know all of those cool sports and activities your kids are involved in? Band, soccer, NinjaZone, cooking class and what not? Well, I have FOUR children. There’s no way my kids are going to get to do anything that they can’t do as a sibling team, unless we get one of these awesome services. It’s like Uber or Lyft for your kids. You schedule rides with experienced caregivers that are carefully screened. Then each ride is monitored by a third party in real time, PLUS, you can follow along in the app too! This is the answer to being in more than one place at one time…well, it’s a start! BRING IT ON!

A Baby Spa & Float Tank

My friend Whitney knows about everything cool. When she wrote about Float Baby, I was like, “Whaaa?” Babies age 2 weeks to 6 months are put into swim diapers and then fitted with a floatation device around their necks. Then they just float in a warm tub for about 20 minutes. Afterwards, they get a massage from their parents (parents are coached). Among other things, it’s supposed to help with brain development, digestion issues and muscle tone. I’d love to try this…but we don’t have one.

A Return of the Bring Your Baby to the Movies Program

When my baby was born, there was this awesome program that AMC movie theaters had. It was called Bring Your Baby Matinees. Once a month they would show a new movie and you were encouraged to bring your infants. The lights were on and you could nurse your baby, stand and rock them, whatever you needed. All of this while enjoying a movie. Not a KID MOVIE, but a REAL movie. You know, like those movies you don’t watch anymore because by the time they’re on Netflix, everyone has told you the whole storyline? I miss this.

Napping Classes or Napping Pods

Some people take classes at the gym for aerobics, weight lifting, swimming, whatever. Now there’s a gym in the UK that’s offering Napercise. It’s an hour long class, 15 minutes of stretching and 45 minutes of napping. “Designed to reinvigorate the mind, the body and even burn the odd calorie.” There’s gym provided childcare. No word on if you can just extend your class into two or three sessions to have a more holistic nap. I can see my Facebook status now: “Hey everyone! I just joined the gym again! What got me back in there? Just some ‘mid afternoon studio sleep sessions’. Join me, every day at 1, 2, 3, 4 and sometimes at 5!” Sorry Indy parents, no nap for you!

Speaking of sleep, I need more of it. I’d like some more napping options all over town. I know I’m not the only one. I want a Sleepbox public napping cabin at work, at the park, in the mall, at the gym. Ranging from $5-10 per hour, this is something I can buy in to. Set up a whole shop of them! What about mani, pedi and nap? If I had more sleep, uninterrupted sleep, I would be a better parent. That’s what it’s all about, right? I blame any parenting deficiencies on the fact that we don’t have these all over Indy.

Childcare While Shopping

Kroger has a sister grocery store chain called Smith’s Marketplace and they offer FREE childcare in-store, while you shop. This grocery store is a lot like a Meijer or Target Supercenter because it has quite a few departments, not just food. Imagine dropping your kids at the door and then grabbing a drink, slowly perusing the isles, maybe even grabbing a bite to eat in the cafe and then grabbing your kids on the way out the door. Everyone is happy. Except us…we don’t have this.

Children’s Hair & Nail Spa

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that one of the questions I get asked the most is, “Where can I take my kiddo to get her nails done — some place that actually caters to kids.”

Meet Milk & Cookies Spa, but don’t get too comfortable, it’s in New York. This children’s spa pampers kids; four hair stations, three manicure stations, two pedicure stations, haircuts, up-dos and washes, mani, pedis and fun facials. Boys can indulge in the “Cool Dudes” section designed especially for them where they’ll get tatted (temporary of course), cleanse with “booger” soap and create a mud pie with worms painting.

With names like “Lemon Butter Package” (Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure & Yummy Facial) or the “Strawberry Fetti Package” (Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, Yummy Facial & Hair), I’m beginning to wonder why I’m just going to a normal nail salon with packages called “Manicure”?


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