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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fluiditea. All opinions and stories are my own and true.

I’m really, really bad at remembering to take pills, medicine, vitamins, supplements. I always have been. As a breastfeeding mom, I’ve struggled with everything that many other moms do; clogged milk ducts, sore and tender breasts and most worrisome, low milk supply. I’ve tried a lot of supplements to increase my milk supply and find relief but either they don’t work or, more often than not, I forget to regularly and consistently take the supplement.

After nursing four children (soon to be five), I’ve found something that works for me. Fluiditea actually works for me AND it fits my lifestyle, you only use it when you need to. Plus, we are a tea drinking family, so it’s perfect for me across the board.

Often, nursing moms face a decrease in milk production because of infection or mastitis. Fluiditea Clear and Flow is a powdered tea that will clear clogging within one or two tea bags when used as soon as mom senses slow milk flow or feels hard spots that aren’t relieved by nursing or pumping.

Fluiditea Flourish and Grow maximizes milk supply, enriches milk quality, strengthens baby’s growth and helps mom keep up with a healthy fluid intake. Take 10% off of your order through 1/31/2016 with promo code DEC15CKM.

Fluiditea was originally developed for the royal breastfeeding moms in the Qing Dynasty, these ancient breastfeeding remedies have been made available to moms like you and me by Dr. Hao Liu, the eighth generation descendant of the Royal Physician family to the Qing Dynasty.

Speaking of a cross between royalty and moms like you and me, breastfeeding momma, Haylie Duff can’t say enough about Fluiditea and how much it has helped her nurse her six month old daughter through low milk flow, through mastitis and through all of the issues moms have that can sometimes lead to just giving up.

My favorite part? The ingredients are all natural and have no side effects. A lot of the medicines and treatments for mastitis and low milk production have side effects that make moms miserable and lead to other problems. We’re talking about powerful medicinal herbs that really work. There are no other products out there that use the same ingredients. Won’t you join me for a cup of tea? Let’s restore our whole body balance together. Cheers, Mom.