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Babble Top 100 Blogger Peer Nomination – We Won!

Update: Katy Mann and Indy with Kids won the 2013 Babble Reader’s Choice Travel Blogger of the Year.

I love the Babble parenting website. It helps that several of my friends write for the website and I REALLY enjoy reading their work. Since Indy with Kids isn’t really a normal BLOG, I’ve always wanted an outlet for my writing that isn’t Indianapolis related. I’ve always wanted to write for Babble.

Last month, my friend(s) nominated me for one of the reader’s choice awards on Babble’s top 100 bloggers list. I want that award. What does it mean? Something. Nothing. Everything.

How can you help? Well, I need to stay on the front page so that the people at Babble see me. Maybe they would see me on another page, but front page, that’s my goal for the remainder of this campaign. I need your Facebook comments and Tweets and Pins. Mostly I need your Facebook comments. And there’s really only one way to do it to make it count, and it’s sort of confusing so I’ve put a screenshot up to help. Please help?

babbleGo to this page and then next to my name there is a Facebook Share button (NOT THE ONE AT THE TOP NEAR THE 100 BLOGGERS LOGO!). Click that share button, a box will open up and you can say something nice…or nothing and then click the share button. It will post to your facebook page. IF you follow through, the number will register and increase and stay there. If you don’t complete the process, it will register but then be gone the nex time the page refreshes. Facebook appears to be the most significant vote but for good measure, tweets and pins and pluses are awesome too!

Thank you so much!

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