Large Group Play Date Play Spots in Indy

Have a BIG group play date coming up in Indianapolis? Wondering where everyone can get together with all those kiddos of all different ages? No matter your scene, we’ve got you covered.

Try an Indoor Play Area

One great play date spot for large groups are the indoor parks. They are free, enclosed, can accommodate large groups, and are suitable for most ages. Many offer spots to eat a picnic lunch as well, and because the kids can’t wander too far the adults might even get to chat! Check out our list of Five Free Indoor Playgrounds and the newest one in Fishers.

Hit up a Park

This may seem like a no-brainer, but parks are great places for a meet-up in nice weather. Bigger kids can play while the parents catch up, and many Indy area parks have great spots for the littles as well. Playgrounds with a splash pad option will keep kids of all ages entertained for h ours in the summer heat. Hiking trails are great for nature lovers and park nature centers  are rarely crowded. Check out this list of parks and other outdoor spots to find the perfect one for your group play date.

Bounce the Date Away

Bouncing is a great activity for kids of all ages, and most jumping spots have areas suitable for kids both large and small. Find an open bounce time at a location that works for your group. Try one of these: Jump N Play Noblesville, Jump N Play Avon, Sky Zone, Cicero Fun Factory, Bounce U, Monkey Joe’s.

Five More Great Ideas

Some of these fall into the category of not-going-there-unless-I-need-to-bribe-someone. But admit it, the kids always have a blast, they are great for all ages, and they can fit all of your many, many friends and their many more children. Bowling, bouncing, laser tag, mini gold, go karts, and indoor sports…there isn’t much that isn’t covered in these options!

Chuck E. Cheese

Great Times Fun Park


Woodland Bowl

Ben and Ari’s

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