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DIY Halloween Costumes: Batman & Robin with Tutus

Halloween costumes are difficult for me. My mom was great at sewing and she created a couple of great costumes when I was a kid. One of my favorites was when I was batgirl and my brother was batman. We were 10 and 7. They were fantastic! She made these beautiful masks that were hoods and went over our head, they were satiny, mine was blue and his was black. The capes were gorgeous and perfect! We wore sweatshirts with the bat symbol sewn on. I think I wore that thing forever!

When a friend of mine posted photos of her kids as batman and robin, I WANTED THEIR COSTUMES! So, I asked her a few questions about them so I could duplicate them and then I went to Joann Fabrics (oh my goodness the Halloween fabric rush!) and purchased what I needed — in the end I had to make some concessions for what was in stock and then I had to make some adjustments because the Indiana halloween costume batman and robin tutustrick or treating weather is far cooler than the Southern California trick or treating weather.

Next, I called in reinforcements because while I am good and knowing what I want, I’m not the best at making it happen. However, I know people who do! My sister in law, mother in law and some crafty buddies came over on Friday night to get this project done for a party we had the next day!

First we made the tutus — anything with a tutu is a big plus at our house! Here is a great tutorial for how to make a tutu. Honestly, we weren’t very precise, we just cut the tulle into strips about an inch wide and twice as long as we wanted them, I cut the elastic as long as the kids waist was around and then we overlapped it and sewed it with some stitches. The video shows how to attach the tulle. I used three yards of tulle for each tutu. I also added ribbons for more color and fun!

Next, a super talented friend DREW THE BAT SIGN FREEHAND on some of the felt! No joking. I cannot even draw a circle freehand. She also created the Robin symbol. She made smaller ones for the tops and larger ones for the capes. We glued them together. Then I glued the “logos” to the front of t-shirts. She then drew on the felt to create capes that we will safety pin to the shoulders of the girls shirts. The logos were glued onto the capes too. I bought one yard of felt for each cape PLUS a yard of yellow. 1/4 yard of yellow and 1/2 a yard for each cape of the other colors would have been PLENTY.

Once the babies were dressed, I wrapped the yellow ribbon around their waists and tied it. Later I might sew it onto the waistband of the tutus. Oh and don’t forget the hair bows!

One adjustment I made for Indiana was to add tights to the costume and then to top the tights with leg warmers. For outdoor fall costumed events, I will likely add a long sleeved shirt under the t-shirt … and probably a coat. Yeah cold weather!

The total cost for two costumes was about $30 including hair bow material but not including the t-shirts and tights. NOTHING was on sale. If I had planned ahead I might have been able to spend 1/2 as much!

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